10 Startup Ideas Turned Into Real Companies

Are you curious about 10 startup ideas turned into real companies? If yes, you are in the right place. Startups solve problems. Great startups solve big problems that are shared by many. For the last six months, I interviewed London’s startups and their founders on their business ideas and how they turn that into realities. You will see a compilation of ten of those ideas. While watching them remember and think about the problem and, if you were the founder, how the solution could be different. Enjoy!

Watch the vignette of 10 startup ideas turned into real companies:

Creativity is great for finding solutions, but it is also great for finding problems. You might just be inventing a problem no one has. So, remember to rely on market research to figure out what the problems people share are and then rely on creativity to find the solutions to those.

Any founder out there will tell you the best way to learn is actually experiencing it. You might fail, but that’s okay. In one of the businesses I have launched and failed, I learned three key lessons that I knew, but it was just a high definition explanation to experience that. The first one was the importance of timing. This is crucial. The second one was the product-market-founder fit. It needs to fit in with your own reality of the situation. It might be a good idea but maybe not a good idea for you to implement. The last one was to differentiate what your customers want and what you think they need. It is an important point, and I could only learn by experiencing and failing.

So, what are you waiting for? Go out there, create something, build something. Of course, you might fail, but that’s okay!

10 Startup Ideas Turned Into Real Companies

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We hope that this interview series will be helpful and insightful for other startups in London out there. Because we believe that the most important thing is to learn from each other and be helpful to others, within this direction, you are welcomed to the first episode of our “Vignettes” series. You can reach all of them from here.

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