10 Unique Team Building Activities for Your Startup

One of the biggest concerns of any startup owner is the happiness of their employees. It would help if you constantly looked for opportunities to boost your employee’s morale. In addition, the work environment should open a space for the employees to bond and find support in each other; as challenging as it sounds, a happy and high morale work environment can be achieved through incorporating team-building activities into your work culture. 

Even outside regular business hours, corporate team-building exercises can help you improve workplace relationships and ensure everyone collaborates on the same goal. Yet, with thousands of fun activities chosen, it might be hard to pinpoint the ones that will best fit your team. You may question which ones are the most effective and which ones are just gimmicks. On top of that, team-building activities have a terrible reputation. When you tell your team, you may be greeted with eye roles. Don’t worry; we created a list of the best team-building activities your employees will love. Remember, there is no age limit on bonding over fun games. 


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Two Truths, One Lie

This classic game is perfect for team members to get to know each other better. The individuals that share an emotional bond tend to be more supportive and more tolerant of each other. Two truths, one lie gives a chance for your team to bond over facts about each other. In addition, it creates a slight chance for them to practice their public speaking skills.
To play, players sit around a circle. Then going around the circle, each team member takes a turn to tell three facts about them. Two of these statements should be a lie, and the other should be true. The listener’s job is to try and detect the truth by guessing.

Team Lunch

Hear me out before you think this one is a cliché. Team lunches, when done creatively, can act as a perfect bonding activity. Think of it this way, everybody loves food, and it is an instant ice breaker. As a bonus, team lunches are cost-effective and perfect ways to boost team morale. If you add a couple of creative elements to it, it can turn into a fun activity. Suppose you are running an international team and order food from each team member’s native country. Or ask your employee’s favourite food and make other team members guess which one belongs to whom. There is no limit; you can even add a team and have a dress code.

Community Service

What better way to bond with the common goal of giving back to the community? Head back to the community with your team and organize and act of giving. Discuss possible services you can offer and plan the process. Make sure you choose a cause most of your team members relate to.

Water balloon Dodgeball

As childish as it sounds, we all can use some time to learn from effortless and fun activities like water balloon dodgeball. It is exciting and dramatic; to some, it’s even a chance to visit their favourite childhood memories. Above everything else, with this genuine excitement, your team members will have no option but to bond while having crazy fun. It is also reasonably cheap. Just divide your team into two, provide them with ample space and necessary tools like water balloons, and you are all free to have the best day ever.

Whose Office Is It?

This one is perfect for those that prefer a remote working arrangement. Have your team members send over a photo of their home offices and let each of the team members guess whose workspace is whose. You can diversify it by adding other sections of their home. If most of your team members have a pet in their home, you can even include them in the game.

Fun Outdoor Activities

The world presents you with great activities for your team members to bond over. If they are bored being cooped inside, why not plan a fun outdoor activity? Here are some of the activities you can explore:

  • Go Karting
  • Bowling Night Out
  • Geocaching Adventure
  • Escape Room
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Trivia Night in the Local Bar.

Direct Your Own Movie

This one may seem a little far fetch, but it’s actually quite easy. Creative activities like these are essential to fire that creative juice that your team might need from time to time. This one little activity can be done indoors or outdoors; it’s your choice. If you have the budget, it would be best to provide some equipment like cameras and tripods, but if you don’t have it, the simple phone-made movie can be tons of fun as well. Divide your team members into various teams and let them connect through this fun and creative activity.

Silver Lining

This simple yet powerful activity is perfect for creating an emotional connection between team members. All players need to do is select a negative experience and then reframe it in a positive light by sharing a silver lining. It’s powerful because it lets people practice their skill of perspective changing. In addition, sharing memories and experiences are the number one way people connect and build deeper relationships.

Guess the Emoji Board

Emojis are so effective in terms of understanding people’s inner world. I guarantee you everybody will crack up with laughter because it’s such a fun game. All you need to do is gather screenshots of each player’s recently used emojis and test how well your team members know each other by making them guess which emoji board belongs to who.

More Remote Team Building Activities

Here are some more team-building activities for remote workers:

  • Virtual Debate Club
  • Teach your team a new skill
  • Online Multiplayer Games
  • Conference Call Trivia
  • Online Karaoke Party

As for an alternative bonding activity, you can look into some of our happy hour ideas.