5 Ways to Boost Productivity as a Business Owner

 “5 Ways to Boost Productivity as a Business Owner” by Cameron Porter

Owning and managing a business can be an incredibly stressful job. You have so much to consider and do. It may feel like your mind is continually working and there is always something to attend to! With this kind of pressure and workload, productivity often suffers. Therefore, it is crucial to know how to boost your productivity and we discuss how in the below article.

Only Use Social Media for Business Purposes

Social media is both a curse and a blessing. It can be a curse for productivity because we can waste hours scrolling through feeds instead of working! Social media has to be one of the number one reasons for procrastination!

As a result, you must be disciplined and exercise control. For example, you could set yourself the rule of only using social media during work hours for work purposes. Also, you could limit your internet use and potentially time-wasting websites like YouTube and news platforms.

There is plenty of time to keep up to date with world news, watch cat videos, and see what your friends had for dinner—work time is not such a time!

Use Work-scheduling Tools

Google Calendar Logo

Work scheduling tools are one of the single best means of boosting productivity. These online platforms allow you to organise work for entire teams concisely and conveniently. Trello, for example, will enable you to create boards. 

You can have different boards for different teams. Also, inside these boards, you can create different sub-boards containing tasks. Team members can be invited to these boards, and you can incorporate things like checklists and due dates to boost productivity and keep people on track.

Take Regular Breaks at Lunch and in-between

It is vital to remember that everyone has their limits mentally and physically. As a business owner, you may feel invincible, and that’s a mistake many entrepreneurs make. You may feel like you can work ridiculous hours and power through to get things done. 

This approach can lead to a decline in productivity and well-being. Instead, you must take regular breaks to maintain consistent productivity. For example, take a lunch break each day and use it to step away from the screen. Also, consider taking short 5-10 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon. It will help keep your mind refreshed and charged.

Use Team-messaging & Collaboration Tools

Aside from scheduling your workflow, communication is also an essential aspect of productivity. If you communicate effectively and clearly with your team, you can make sure people stay on track and resolve any issues quickly.

Many team-messaging tools and platforms are online, such as Microsoft Teams and Slack. Both have excellent messaging capabilities, and you can segment your messages into team-specific groups for better organisation.

Do Small Tasks In-house to Avoid Waiting Times

Lastly, there are many small tasks that you can choose to do in-house. For example, you may want to outsource specific jobs to other businesses. While this can work, it also means you are waiting for other people, and this waiting time is out of your control.

For example, you could complete graphic design work yourself using tools like Canva, LogoCreator and Adobe Express. These tools are easy to use, free, and don’t require expert knowledge of graphic design.

As you can see, there are simple things you can do to boost your productivity. These rules and tips can also be used to facilitate the productivity of your colleagues and employees. Ultimately, the more productive you are, the more your business will benefit!