6 Rules of Cost-effective Video Marketing

“6 Rules of Cost-effective Video Marketing” by Bhavik Soni

In the digital age, videos have become a prominent means of reaching out to the target audience. About 54 per cent of consumers expect more video content from their favourite brands.

If you aren’t leveraging video content marketing to promote your brand, it’s time to think about it. Whether you own a start-up or a big enterprise, video marketing can help you reach your business goals.

Creating more video content can significantly impact the ROI of your business. However, with the increase in competition, businesses want to cut down their costs to increase profit.

It is possible when you use cost-effective video marketing techniques. Are you wondering how to ensure cost-effective video marketing? Well, in that case, here are the six critical rules of cost-effective video marketing to remember.

Rule 1: Know the Cost of Video

Cost of Video

When you own a start-up or a small business, video marketing may seem to be very expensive for you. However, it isn’t actually that expensive, and you can easily find ways to create cost-effective videos. At first, you will have to fix a budget for your video marketing.

Setting a budget helps ensure that the cost of the video doesn’t exceed the budget. For example, the traditional video production costs are pretty high. In addition, the camera cost, crew expenses, and studio space increase the price.

Moreover, travelling to the studio location was also expensive. But, the good news is, with the emergence of smartphones and the availability of professional services like film and video production in Manchester, the cost of video production is now significantly lower. The latest smartphones come with exciting features for professional video production, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone.

It allows you to have a production-capable camera in your pocket. Initially, you may find it challenging to manage huge video files on your smartphone. However, with remote capture features, you can easily store and edit videos in a cost-effective way.

Rule 2: Avoid DIY Video Production

DIY Video

DIY video production is in a trend among businesses in recent times. One of the main reasons businesses are opting for DIY videos is to lower their cost of production. However, in reality, it is not cost-effective.

DIY can cost you more than the cost of professional video making services. Some businesses believe smartphones and certain accessories are all you need to make a professional video for your brand. However, it is not that easy.

It requires a lot of time and significant investments. Developing a sound and appealing video for your target audience requires a solid story concept. Moreover, it would help if you had substantial expertise in editing and publishing your video.

Creating a simple vlog may be easy. But when it comes to making creative videos for better brand awareness, you need to rely on the experts. Unfortunately, your marketing team members may not have the expertise to craft engaging videos to capture the attention of your target audience.

Moreover, you may not also have the essential tools to make a perfect brand video. Therefore, DIY may not be the right option to stay competitive and save more on costs. Instead, availing the professional video services may help.

Rule 3: Focus on Formatting and SEO

One of the essential rules of cost-effective video making is formatting and SEO. Simply posting videos on different channels must not be the aim of your business. Instead, your core goal must be to ensure maximum viewers for your video.

For this, you need to focus on the SEO aspect of your video content. SEO is a must to increase the visibility of your brand video and make it rank higher on the search engines.

SEO for video content mainly deals with including relevant keywords in the description and title of the video. Moreover, make sure to consider the formatting of the video.

Only when there is an appropriate integration of the written content and video elements will the video quality be high. It will attract more audiences and ensure greater marketing of your products and services.

Rule 4: Select the Right Platform

Video Distrubition Channel

There are several platforms to post your business videos. Right from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, you can market your videos on any of these platforms. But, for optimum success, make sure to select the right one.

Select the platforms that can help you better reach out to your target audience. You can take note of the demographics of each of the social media platforms and choose the one that is relevant to your target market.

To lower your video marketing costs, you can also consider optimizing your videos and using them differently. In simple words, you can recycle your existing video content and format it to suit the needs of different platforms.

Rule 5: Ensure Doing Video Marketing in the Right Way

Video marketing efforts and costs can go to waste if not done correctly. But, on the other hand, when done right, it can provide you with a lucrative ROI.

Make sure to craft an engaging video that will immerse your target audience and make them curious to know your brand more.

The storyline of the video must be a strong one to captivate the audience’s attention. Making interactive videos can ensure better engagement and enable your audience to connect with your business.

Focus on creating a compelling story that clearly conveys how your business can solve a specific problem. More than being salesy or pushy, it needs to genuine and appealing to the audience.

Rule 6: Marketing Videos are Unique and Different

Often, there are arguments relating to the ideal length of a marketing video. Some say short videos can attract more audiences. Others believe long videos can engage consumers better. However, it would be best to remember that not all videos are the same.

For instance, a promotional video may be of just a few seconds. But a demo video can be of 2 to 5 minutes. The length of the video depends on the type of video you are making. As there are different kinds of videos, make sure to avoid generalization.


Now that you know the rules of cost-effective video marketing, it’s time to follow them. Following these rules can help you ensure successful video marketing. Leverage video content and improve the ROI of your business.

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