According to the data, 75% of the London workforce wants to set up a business.

Startups of London is a niche media company that aims to be the voice of the startup ecosystem. We tell the success and fail stories of startups and entrepreneurs, with video documentaries and podcasts.

In fact, we have already featured over 20 startups and many entrepreneurs, reaching to over 100K people (and counting).

Our Why

Entrepreneurs learn and draw courage from each other. This is why we need better content and better online communities for entrepreneurs.

We bring together entrepreneurs through our community, feature startups and work with providers such as accelerators, co-working spaces or similar.

So far we have experimented with formats such as Live stream consulting, People-to-Know and novel content format such as fail/learn stories on our Instagram Channel.


With Startups of London, you can:

  • Watch the startup documentaries we have shot in Season 1; or tune in to the Startups of London podcast.
  • Get featured as a startup, founder or as a service provider to the ecosystem (accelerator, incubator, legal or accounting service provider to startups etc.)
  • Join the London Entrepreneur’s Community with its paid and closed Slack group, where we focus on growth boosting a startup with a roundtable discussion each wednesday.
  • Access in-depth resources and guides that will help you make sense of the London and UK startup ecosystem and the opportunities/risks within.


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