Accelerating Investment for Startups and SMEs

If startups are considered to be the backbone of our economy, tech startups are undeniably the wave of the future – in disruptive innovation and enhancing people’s everyday lives by making things easier, faster, better, more cost-effective.

However, an alarming number of startups fail while bootstrapping, as these budding and talented entrepreneurs grapple with an avalanche of key challenges they are unable to overcome. They need support and guidance to face these obstacles head-on and conquer them once and for all.

“There is no denying that as a startup you need to work hard to succeed but the fundamental truth is that without champions who share your vision and mentors who help you progress your ideas you go nowhere. The key to success is understanding this and building awareness and support. Be proactive, get the word about your work out there and accelerate your startup.”, Gavin Neate, CEO & Founder, Neatebox (Headline speaker at Accelerating Investment for Startups and SMEs) 

Accelerating Investment for Startups and SMEs

Accelerating Investment for Startups and SMEs will bring together tech investors, innovators and all other major stakeholders within the startup ecosystem to collaborate and share best practice strategies for driving investment, innovation, inspiration, protection and market growth.

Join an unparalleled showcase of pioneers, including:

Niall Campion, Founder & Director, VRAI will reveal how to jump-start your product to market launch with the right tools at your disposal.

Ravi Jakhodia, Co-Founder & CEO, Coupay and Will Wynne, Group MD, Co-Founder & Board Member, Smart Pension will disclose how to achieve a successful partnership between a startup and investor.

Susan Cummings, Managing Director, Tiny Rebel Games, Sahar Attaripour, Co-Founder & CEO, Suzugia and Reedah El-Saie, Founder, Xplorerealms will share the stories behind their products, their journeys and how they managed to vanquish their individual stumbling blocks as female founders.

Also speaking at the event:

  • Alfredo Orobio, Founder and CEO, AWAYTOMARS
  • James Buckley-Thorp, CEO and Founder, Bequest 
  • Martin Yagi, Intellectual Property Manager, First Light Fusion 
  • Neciah Dorh, Co-Founder & CEO, FluoretiQ
  • Naoise Gaffney, Head of Patent Development, Intellectual Ventures
  • Simon Beniston, Founder & CEO, MediBiosense
  • Jón Helgi Egilsson, Co-Founder and Chair, Monerium
  • Vasileios Touronis, COO & Co-Founder, My Online Therapy
  • Oshoma Zekeri, Co-Founder & CEO, Vendoir

“The success of startups is important for any economy to drive future growth and create new markets. Startups bring in their entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and agility and disrupt established businesses. An active engagement and accelerating investment in startups and SMEs could act as a catalyst for creating new value propositions in these challenging times.”

Anubhav Kapoor, Director of Legal Affairs, Ford India

Ensure your place and save the date to join us on Tuesday 30th November and Wednesday 1st December 2021. For further information, visit their website!