Announcing a New Initiative: for Startups has announced a new initiative for startups and small scale businesses in the UK. As a scale-up marketing technology company, they believe that ongoing efforts can bring continuous success. They are aware of the needs of small businesses and startups and the pain points and are ready to support their online presence with well-tailored strategies that ensure they are always staying on top of their game.

In terms of digital efforts, offers to show startup owners the big picture by collecting and filtering data that they access from different tools and platforms. They are aware that online visibility and growth are beneficial to startups because it increases the quality and quantity of the website’s traffic and helps increase brand exposure through search results. With the ongoing initiative, is ready to join forces to ensure that small businesses and startups get the following:

  • Valuable website visitors with the right keywords along with the SEO optimized product, category and landing pages
  • SEO that helps them build trust and increase brand awareness
  • Long term and sustainable ROI through our ongoing SEO and Analytics efforts. defines your KPIs and improves your content and website accordingly. They understand the intent of your target audience, look for opportunities in SERP, and understand how search engines discover and crawl your site. In addition, they use various digital tools and platforms to understand your customers and how they behave on your website or App. 

To be a part of your success journey, as a start, they have tailored their special analytics and SEO packages to suit the needs and budget of startups. Likewise, these packages have been adapted to suit your needs.

Optdcom Martech agency startup packages

After announcing the special packages for SEO projects, Atlacarte became their first startup partner.

Growing in Ireland and the UK, Atlacarte is an all-in-one chat-based solution startup providing restaurants, pubs, cafes, nightclubs, and even the retail sector with all the tools they need to sell safely, showcase, and promote, giving their own unique customer service.

Atlacarte Chat Base Solution for Venues

According to, 

  • Reaching the right audience at the right time to grow their business with the right KPIs and,
  • Growing businesses through data activation without human error and targeting the latest technologies are essential steps for any company. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for continuous success and solid growth,  the team has expertise in SEO, Data & Analytics, Programmatic Buying & Trading, Location & Route Based Advertising, Google Ads Advertising, Facebook Business Manager, Digital Media Buying and more, which they can provide you with considering your startup needs. 

Contact Team to explore your startup’s unique opportunities and services and make them a part of your success journey.