Beginner’s Guide to Investing in a Franchise

“Beginner’s Guide to Investing in a Franchise” by Elizabeth Jett

About 300 companies start franchising each year. If you want to create a business without going through the brand-building process, franchising is an ideal solution. However, before you invest in this business model, you must understand what it entails to meet your goals. Keep reading to gain more insights.

What Is a Franchise?

A franchise is a business model where you run your company under the name of a franchisor. You see these businesses in different cities with similar signs, colour schemes, and product lines. If you want to open a franchise, you will pay an initial fee for the rights to conduct business under the franchisor’s name. In return, you get access to the brand’s logos, signage, slogans, software, proprietary materials, operations manual, and the system of doing business. Besides the initial fee, you will need to pay royalties that will vary from industry to industry.

Franchising is an essential business model if you want to venture into a competitive market like the fast-food industry. There are three main types of franchises that you can consider. The business franchise is the most popular option whereby the franchisor allows other enterprises to trade using their brand name and business models at a fee. On the other hand, you sell the franchisor’s products exclusively for a product franchise. If you opt for the manufacture’s franchise, you produce and sell goods using the franchisor’s trademark, for instance, clothing.

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Benefits of Investing in a Franchise

A franchise is one smart financial and business move that you can consider. The risk of your business failing is much lower in a franchise than when you start a business from scratch. It is because the franchisor has already worked on all the pitfalls that affect new companies. The franchisor has also already researched the best products for the market in your area. They will give you access to all the systems needed to run the business. Your business will also benefit from extensive advertising campaigns and enough promotional materials for local advertising.

You will be running the company with a proven record of success. Franchising also attracts more financing options. Because there is a lower risk, most financial institutions are more willing to fund a franchise business model since they trust the brand value.

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Things to Know When you First Invest in a Franchise

While franchising offers various advantages, it comes along with some drawbacks. For example, you will need to work under strict guidelines and keep paying royalties. So, before you invest in a franchise, read through beginners tips to gain more insights on franchising. Here are some of them.

Consider the Type of Company You Want to Invest In

There is a wide array of opportunities for anyone who wants to invest in franchising. But you will need to pick a specific industry that you will venture in be it in the retail or food business. So first, consider the local market and demographics to determine what your client base needs. Then, figure out what you are good at and match your skills to the available franchise opportunities.

Establish Your Budget

Keep in mind that a significant portion of your initial investment in franchising will go to the franchisor for training, equipment, and licensing rights. So, determine the actual cost of the business before investing, including special promotions and royalty payments. Next, figure out how much money you have and whether you need financing to keep the franchise running throughout the break-even period. You should have enough funds to cater to your business and personal expenses for at least six months. Also, get an estimate of the expected returns.

Decide How You Plan to Invest

Assess your abilities to determine whether you can handle the business if you need training or professional assistance. It will also depend on your experience in a particular field. Evaluate yourself to know if there are special skills you can bring to the company.

Consider the Legal Aspect of Franchising

Familiarise yourself with franchise rules and regulations before investing in this business model. You will need a legally binding agreement with the franchisor. Keep in mind that violating the terms could lead to penalties to contract termination.

The Bottom Line

Franchising is a low-risk business that guarantees returns for any aspiring investor when executed correctly. It requires planning and enough finances. So, research and gather the necessary resources beforehand.