Best Business Growth Strategies for Startups

When you search online, there are many growth strategies for business. In this post, we have gathered the major ones that help you to succeed online in your project timeline. 

We truly believe that one way of growing your small business(or startups) or achieving your small business goal is to implement these 36 strategies entrepreneurs recommend.

Table of Contents

Do Your Proper Research and Penetrate Your Market

You might have a great business idea, but there is always a risk about timing. Make sure the market is mature enough to observe your value proposition. Find out how much a product or service is being used by customers relative to the total estimation. Market penetration is used in developing business growth strategies to increase the market share of a specific product or service. It is a measure of how much a product or service is being used by customers compared to the total amount of potential users. You should also buy sector reports to see deeply.

Listen To The Other Entrepreneurs Journey

Some words of advice from experienced entrepreneurs will assist you in effectively growing your business. Many stories are inspiring, and we hear a lot about people who started with nothing. Click here to listen to the SOL Podcast here.

Start Your Business By Opening in Two Different Locations

Opening in another location will allow you to acquire a new clientele and access entirely new markets. You can test your product and services in these two markets. You can see this as an A-B test.

Think about the recent epidemic Covid 19. Many businesses and startups who gained access to a new set of markets and customers did win. The other ones were not lucky to survive this challenge. Because they couldn’t manage their cash flow effectively. If you are doing your work in one region or location, there is not much left to do to win the game during these kinds of crises.

Launching your startup business in two different locations will give you the flexibility, it is much more secure. 

Try To Find Niche Sector

Find the niche sector that attracts you and reflect on your passions and interests. Then you can start identifying customers’ problems and needs to grow your business. If you have a preliminary idea for the niches you want to target, survey the target market to explore how they feel about their pain points. Asking your target market their pain points and using that information to develop a plan for a niche that is easy to penetrate is the best way to start getting traction with your market research survey.

Know Your Competitors Like You Work For Them

It’s not simple competition research, you need to understand every aspect of their business model. Find out their strengths and weaknesses by being one of their customers. Trying their services helps you develop a better product in this fast-paced ecosystem. Take your time to make sure you spend a certain amount of time understanding the other product types.

Broadening The Range of Products or Services You Have

An expanded product line can increase the likelihood of satisfying more customers and improve productivity. However, each line needs to be tailored to its  budget, needs, and market needs.

Track Your Performance From The Start

Domain authority, speed performance, organic visitors, customers in the pipeline, recurring customers, social media performance, ad performance and much more. You should keep an eye on all the important KPIs for your startup.

Measure What Works and What Not

Once you set the all KPI tracking sheet, find out which subject you need to focus on.

Think About The Sales Funnel

Yes, you might be just beginning on your journey, but creating sales funnels from the start will help you and make the sales processes easier.

Use CRM System

Yes, we accept some CRM tools are expensive but try to find the one you can afford or try free versions. Once you start to generate customers and income you can switch to paid options or better CRM tools.

Referral Marketing Strategies

Creating referral strategies will help you to grow your startups. And mostly there will be no costs to design these kinds of referral programs.

Work on Technical SEO To Increase Your Reach

SEO is everything. Make sure your site is working properly in terms of SEO. Use some tools like SemRush and plugins like Yoast  Premium to rank faster. 

Simplicity is The Key

If you would like to create an innovative, fully integrated business model, it is essential to design the system with simplicity. We can say that it’s the core of business success.

Technology has evolved, excited, and transformed the world around us so at this point, you can see that the main aim of these technology-driven many business models is to make consumer life as simple, safe, and smooth as possible. These solutions and products aim to make it easier for people and create a desirable and affordable experience.

Keep Up With Latest Technology Trends

Yes, when you read that, you might think about how to find the time to follow these updates? Launching or creating a new business modal takes a lot of time. However, you should be dedicated to spending a certain of time reading sectors magazines, and newspapers.

Join New Communities

You should also join new communities on Slack, Telegram, or Linkedin. By following this way, creating solutions that the sector needs would become much quicker than you think. You will get closer to a crate app, platform, (or whatever in your mind) that helps consumers offer a better experience.

Search For Investors and Find Out Their Priorities For The Future Starting From Today

Investors are sounding the alarm that the funding environment for startups has changed dramatically compared to last year. This is the thing you should be aware of if you are planning to get investment for the startup you are building right now.  The most active startup investors are pulling back on their spending in 2022. Watch out for these kinds of trends in this sector and offer something different, different from others.

The Other Growth Growth Strategies for Startups:

  • Spend Some Ad Budget
  • Use Ecommerce Platforms
  • Advertise on Listing Pages
  • Create Testimonials Videos About Your Products
  • Study on Customer Retention Strategies
  • Make Sure Everyone In The Team Prioritizing Customer Service
  • Use Some Tools For Marketing Automation
  • It’s not Early To Design A Customer Loyalty Program
  • The Only Data You Have: Newsletter Subscribers :(Don’t Count On Social Media)
  • Don’t Give A Bad Impression 
  • Reduce Your Costs
  • Include User-Generated Content In Your Blog Section
  • Create Passive Income Models
  • Don’t Under Estimate Of The Power of Webinars
  • Use Project Management App
  • Get The License of Your Product
  • Find Out Micro-Influencer in Your Niche Sector
  • Start Smart Networking
  • Design or Support Social Responsibility Project
  • Work on Strategic Partnerships
  • Don’t Expand Operations Too Quickly, Wait For Signals
  • Think About Integrations

Bonus: Founder Mental Health

Many business leaders who have had much experience in the digital industry mention that if you’re a startup owner who has big dreams, you should practice mindfulness to reduce stress and deep-seated anxiety by making conscious changes to your behaviors. Yes, these listed strategies will help you to reach your goal eventually. What about having them quicker than you think? 

It’s so true that being a startup founder is stressful. If you are looking for the best source to train yourself against stress & optimize your productivity, please  Follow the Mental Fitness Podcast series created for the mindful entrepreneurs on YouTube , Spotify or Spreaker!

Having a great idea is not enough. You can consider designing something that all players can easily integrate. If you would like to revolutionize the way consumers would prefer to use, you couldn’t find a solution that is tailored to sectors’ business needs. One of the other keys to launching a successful business model is to power an economy where everyone wins. 

There are a variety of opportunities for businesses to grow vertically. Hope these business growth strategies can help you through this tough journey.