Best CRM Tools for Startups

Being a part of a business that only fairly recently started to grow isn’t the easiest thing to do. Especially considering how hectic working for a startup can be. It requires you to be a multitasker and organizer. It pushes you to have a top of line organization skills which is nearly impossible. A CRM tool is your knight in shining armour because it manages the clutter pile for you. It will lead you to stay agile and coordinated preventing you from wasting all your energy trying to do so.

A CRM tool will store your contacts and centralize your business process, helping you run an organized and clean business. Useful features like Workflow automation, two-way sync with other apps, and automated data entry help you save time.

Over the past several years, the CRM software market has expanded quickly, and each new product that has entered the market has brought with it a special set of features. However, price and scalability are the two most crucial aspects for startups with limited funding. In this article, we’ll explore the best ones for you.

But before we start here is a run-down of the benefits of using CRM tools and their key features.

Benefits of Using CRM Tools for Your Startup

If you need a reliable helping hand look no further than this list. Here is why you need a CRM tool for your startup:

  • Helps to get organized
  • Better collaboration & transparency
  • Increase efficiency & productivity
  • Increase revenue & profits
  • Lesser dependency

Key features of startup CRM

Every CRM system is unique but they tend to share some similar features that most have for a business. Here are some of them:

  • Forecast your sales accurately
  • Automate & track your sales
  • Reporting of sales
  • Cross-team alignment
  • Manage contacts data

Best CRM Tools for Startups

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Best CRM Tools for Startups

The HubSpot CRM is a collection of standalone products designed to assist you in managing several facets of your company, from marketing and sales to customer service and management. HubSpot allows you to manage workflows by letting you effectively assign and track leads, track the sales process and record customer interactions across different channels. Their flexible pricing plans allow you to select tools individually or stack them together according to your needs. The reason it’s one of the best CRM tools for startups is that they offer a discount of up to 90% for eligible startups in the first year. There is also a free version. Hubspot comes with the integration of G Suite and Microsoft Office, as well as Zapier integration that makes information sharing across apps like Google Sheets and Slack so much easier.

Zoho CRM

Best CRM Tools for Startups

Zoho CRM has many life-saving features at a competitive price. What’s best about Zoho is it has an easy-to-use user interface that specifically targets startups and small businesses. Some of these features include customizable modules, automation, and social media. Zoho CRM encourages you to set long-term key performance indicators and monitor sales rep performance via dashboards. Its unique system allows you to maintain long-term customer relationships. On top of their other amazing features, data porting tools make it simple to transfer data from spreadsheets and contact management programs, simplifying deployment.


Insightly is designed to align marketing, sales, customer support and projects teams through a single tool of customer information. With calendar syncing and milestone/task tracking, projects can be managed more effectively. Additionally, it has strong workflow management tools that can help you organize your work and save time. Its smooth pipeline integration allows you to built-in email marketing features to send, create, and track emails from one place. The only downside of Insightly is because there are so many features to look into, there is a learning curve.


Best CRM Tools for Startups

Salesforce has gained a fair reputation for being one of the best CRM solutions out there with its popularity. This widely adopted system is used by most salespeople making the onboarding process easier. Although it’s fairly a pricey software system, they have a more affordable version for startup teams that have a limited budget. Even though it is a limited version, the features included in the package are more than enough for startups to get a grip on their businesses. Salesforce Essentials may assist you with keeping track of sales, managing customer support requests, and organizing client data all from a single dashboard. Additionally, you may combine it with other tools like ActiveCampaign, Zapier, and Docusign.

Sugar CRM

Best CRM Tools for Startups

SugarCRM is definitely an ambitious yet useful tool. This platform has marketing automation, email templates, and AI-driven predictive analytics designed to help you with various aspects. It offers a complete CRM solution that addresses marketing, sales, and customer care with a focus on cross-team sharing of helpful information. In addition, it enables you to use drag-and-drop flowcharts to automate complicated business processes, such as lead routing, quote evaluation, and approval, and map customer journeys to ensure that your messaging is effective. It is a major help for any startup business.


Best CRM Tools for Startups

Pipedrive is a fairly new SaaS CRM tool that has been designed specifically for startups in mind. All the features of Pipedrive are uniquely created considering all the needs of a growing business including flexibility, affordably, results-oriented, and user-friendly. The sales pipeline is the lifeblood of Pipedrive. Its result-oriented system is constructed with multiple sales pipelines with customizable, unique stages appropriate to a specific product/service’s context. In addition, its cool feature lets you know when a potential client is near you which allows you to run into clients and build long-term relationships with them. 

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