Best Employee Engagement Tools to Implement in 2023

In the current economy, there are many things companies need to do to ensure they keep on top of the competition and retain their employees. No one denies that there’s been a lot of recent conversation around “great resignation” and ‘quiet quitting’ recently. Now keeping successful employees is more complex than ever. We all noticed this trend in companies too. Employee engagement tools are top priorities for companies that want to be on top of the competition.

According to Monsters, the UK average employee turnover rate is approximately 15% yearly, although this varies drastically between industries. If your employees are doing just what their roles require of them and leaving on time, they are simply building a healthy work/life balance. It’s normal. Well-run businesses have clear R&Rs by researching and using employee engagement tools and techniques. They are creating connected journeys for their employees from day one.

Many companies suffering from “great resignation” and ‘quiet quitting,’ haven’t built a solid operating system. If you are reading this post, you might consider using one of these employee engagement measurement tools in 2023 to create a better sustainable company culture.

How can we change this? Is there any alternative way to build a better work environment for long-term employee relationships? We can make a difference. It’s not hard to find ways to build trust, Make people feel valued, and show recognition and appreciation. So let’s stand up and find the best employee engagement tools to track employee engagement metrics from this well-curated list below.

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Bonusly was founded by John Quinn and Raphael Crawford-Marks in 2012. It’s an online platform for employee recognition, rewards, and engagement that is headquartered in Boulder, CO. They also have teams in Seattle, WA, and New York, NY.

Bonusly helps to build a greater sense of alignment and purpose. By making recognition social and engaging to everyone across your teams, departments, and locations, Bonusly helps people understand what it means to embody your company’s core values and how contributions of all kinds support your mission.

Bonusly has raised $12,5M in funding over five rounds. They raised their latest funding was raised on Jun 1, 2020, from a Series A round.

Bonusly helps to automate time-consuming HR admin processes, incentivize participation in company initiatives, and offer digital rewards your employees will love. By using Bonusly, you can pull actionable data about your employee experience from powerful people analytics tools. 

Bonusly delivers unique insights on individual, team, and company levels so you can make strategic decisions about culture, professional development, performance management, and retention.

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Kallidus help your workforce work better and simplify your workforce journeys.

Rob Caul, founder, and CEO of Kallidus Group has decided to step down this summer, following 21 highly successful years growing Kallidus from the seed of an idea into the thriving business it is today.

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Culture Amp

Platform founders are Didier Elzinga, Douglas English, Jon Williams, and Rod Hamilton. The company has raised $257.5M in funding over six rounds. Platforö raised the latest funding on Jul 29, 2021; it was a Series F round.

Culture Amp offers employee engagement, performance & development tools, and insights you need to build an employee experience people love. The platform is specialized in staff surveying and analytics.

Culture Amp helps companies take action to improve employee engagement, retention, and performance.

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Engagedly is funded by two investors: Srikant Chellappa and Jayashankar Balaraman.

The platform has raised a total of $1.5M in funding over five rounds and raised its latest fund on Feb 23, 2022.

Engagedly is an HR Tech SaaS platform. It’s a performance management software that redefines performance appraisals by simplifying and incorporating elements of employee engagement into the performance review process.

With Engagedly, you can quickly get feedback and continuous performance reviews. It takes minutes, not days, to set up and run a review process that employees will appreciate, help managers save time, and provide HR with detailed analytics.

Engagedly also incorporates employee engagement tools within the performance review process by elegantly dovetailing social, ideas, communication, rewards and recognition, alignment of company values, pulse surveys, learning modules, and more. Baked within Engagedly is a goal management system that allows you to cascade goals across the team and regularly checks progress.

Engagedly makes performance reviews simple and refreshing for fast-growing companies.

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Five investors fund Glint. Shasta Ventures and Bessemer Venture Partners are the most recent investors and were acquired by LinkedIn in November 2018.

The platform has raised $79.5M in funding over five rounds. Their latest funding was raised on Nov 2, 2017, from a Series D round.

Glint is the People Success Platform that leverages real-time people data to help global organizations increase employee engagement, develop their people, and improve business results.

“The data that’s provided from Glint and our employee engagement survey is invaluable. It’s the only empirical evidence we have of our return on investment,” says Sonia Stocker (Sky).

By using Glint, you can gain real-time insight into the health of your organization. Its mission is to help people be happier and more successful at work. 

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Sum Up

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment that employees have to the organization. It is a critical component of organizational success and a crucial factor for sustainable competitiveness in the marketplace. Most rewards and recognition programs are used for motivation purposes. We all need motivation, even business owners with millions in their bank accounts. Seeing their employees satisfied and motivated is another life goal for some of them. 

Using employee engagement tools helps you to save time. They are used when an organization wants to encourage its employees by providing them with rewards or recognition for their efforts. These programs can take many forms, such as cash bonuses, gifts, public recognition, promotions, etc. They are often given out regularly so that employees stay motivated and continue working hard even when they don’t receive these rewards directly. 

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve their employee engagement levels. One of the other most popular methods is to conduct an employee engagement survey. There are many benefits of doing this, such as understanding how the employees feel about their work and company, identifying areas where they can improve, and it also helps with company culture by giving employees a voice. These surveys can help you to act before it’s too late. Many tools are available for companies to use when conducting an employee engagement survey. Some of these tools include: Survey Monkey, Qualtrics, and Google Forms are just some of them. Take your time and try to collect employee feedback regularly.

These efforts will help you grow your business, recognize top performers before they go, and promote transparency. And, of course, build trust and s sense of belonging your company need.