Building an Innovative AI Company with Alexandr Honchar, Co-Founder of Neurons Lab

Expecting magic is the biggest misconception about AI and ML, says our guest Alexander Honchar, Co-Founder of Neurons Lab. But, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is just the tip of the iceberg in this episode of the SOL Podcast! Alexandr shares candid and valuable insights about company culture, customer orientation, and learning from mistakes based on his experiences.

People tend to treat AI like intuitive intelligence; however, it is better to think of it as mathematical models. This is what Neurons Lab is about. They are a global AI R&D company that helps deep tech innovators to accelerate data-driven products development and launch. They provide customized AI solutions and products to customers across many industries to solve complex problems for positive future impact.

We discuss how AI & ML are used in the real world and their impact in different fields. Alexander reveals their biggest mistakes and how they have learned from them. We dwelled on all kinds of topics from company culture and how to maintain it to what you might be neglecting while growing your business. You might also find out how a different generation of working people can manage different working conditions.

Tune into this episode to learn how to identify and improve a company’s core functions, how to turn mistakes into growth opportunities, and how to manage disagreements among your team members. Find out what Neuron Lab is looking for in prospective employees and how to contact them at the end.