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Category: LawTech Startups


Mostly AI-driven and ML-driven, LawTech startup and scale-up models are open to enrich and fulfill technology in its structure. But still, this welcomes so many discussions about the LawTech landscape and industry-disrupting the legal profession. In this case, balance steps in and finds a golden mean.

LawTech promises to enable a much more efficient and trustable legal environment. The digitized business model now is used in legal project management, document scanning and predicting analytics in cases, and contract management. It is on the rise about 484% in the US, China, and South Korea according to Thomson Reuters. This number means “the rise of alternative legal services – such as virtual law firms – and the rapid expansion of the online legal industry”. It prepares a reliable base for a technical backbone. On the other hand, providing legal advice and decision-making still needs real, experienced lawyers and it cannot fully replace the duties of human-layered models.

Startups of London is suggesting the best LawTech ventures around, naming DoNotPay, Epoq, ContractPod, Farewill, Lexoo, Eigen Technologies, Seedlegals, Crowd Justice, and JustBeagle. Law is a controversial field of practice, so the progression of the method may be undermined, or underestimated, time will tell.

Explore the top LawTech startups and companies offering legal technology solutions across seed, venture, and growth stages of evolution in London.

  • DoNotPay
  • Epoq
  • ContractPod
  • Farewill
  • Lexoo
  • Eigen Technologies
  • Seedlegals
  • Crowd Justice
  • JustBeagle

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