Startups of London is a media company that aims to be the voice of the startup ecosystem.

We tell the success and failure stories of startups and entrepreneurs, with articles, video documentaries and podcasts. What is more, we constantly share startup news and meaningful projects aiming to provide best and updated information for the professionals who are seeking advice and knowledge especially in the UK.

Entrepreneurs learn and draw courage from each other to deal with the challenges they face. This is where online communities come to play and why we need better content and a platform for entrepreneurs and startup owners.

To help you through this exciting and inspiring journey, the Startups of London team aims to support and inspire you in various ways.

20+ startup video documentaries based on London office visits in 2019-2020.

8 live-streamed consulting sessions to where we brough together founders and experts in 2020.

10+ in-depth case studies, including the Ultimate London Startup Ecosystem Report.

30+ episodes of Mental Fitness Podcast for Entrepreneurs.

SOL Online Entrepreneurs Community in London

150+ terms of NO-BS Startup Jargon (in progress).

Startups of London is the #1 original content creator about the London startup ecosystem. We have a great library of community resources and our online events are growing.
“Startups of London are awesome! We were so happy to be featured and this made sense to us as an investment in our brand. A great experience and investment.”
Hugo Tilmouth
Founder, ChargedUp
โ€œWe were happy to be featured by Startups of London last December and recommend it to any growing startup. We are proud to have our own documentary and recommend it to other startups.โ€
Gauthier Van Der Malderen
Co-founder, Perlego