Top Digital Agencies for Startups and Small Businesses in London

One of the challenges startups and small businesses face is creating publicity for the business. The goal of every marketing is to reach the target audience and increase sales and this has continued to be a major challenge that may require startup owners to hire the services of experts who may request for exorbitant fees the business may not handle at the early startup stage. Thanks to digital marketing, advertising just got a lot easier and cheaper and more audiences are reached through this medium. The increasing demand for digital agencies for startups has led to the rise of several digital marketing agencies in London. Finding the best digital companies in London requires that one pays attention to certain details.

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Qualities that the digital marketing agencies have in common

The existence of multiple digital agencies makes it difficult for owners to choose which of them to use. However, there are markers business owners need to pay attention to before deciding on which digital marketing agency to use.

  • Good reviews 

Reviews and testimonials are great ways to hear directly from previous clients. This information can be found online when you google for the company name and reviews. The testimonials on the company’s website tells you the level of satisfaction previous customers got from the agency. A track record of success is a good indication that the agency is a good one.

  • Transparency

Every genuine business is expected to be transparent. Best digital agencies London are expected to be transparent about their prices and results. Be wary of social media marketing companies for small businesses that give unrealistic promises such as growing your business by 100% over a few days. it is surely a sign that you need to stay off that agency.

  • Communication

Communication is the key to the success of every company. Digital marketing for startups is expected to aim at capitalizing on effective communication with clients to grow the business. The best way to test the communication skills of a digital marketing agency is to send a message and see how long it takes them to respond, so they do not leave you hanging when you finally sign a contract with them. 

How to choose the right digital marketing agency for you

How to choose the right digital marketing agency for you

Now that you know how to spot good digital agencies, the next step is to learn how to choose the right one for your startup.

What are your desired outcomes?

Every digital marketing agency is different. Even the top digital marketing agencies London specialize and in choosing the right one, you have to choose those whose goals and field of operation align with yours. Understand your goals and desired outcome and find the digital company London that can assist you achieve them. 

Below is a list of the top digital agencies for startups and small businesses in London.

CB Web Design

CB Web Design Banner
CB Web Design is a website design agency based in London, the United Kingdom. Its focus is on web design & development, brand identity and SEO Services. Founded by Chris Baker, 11-member team of the agency works through a custom process from the start to the end of startup projects, dedicated to create unique digital experiences that entice and intrigue. The company serves diverse industries, with satisfied clients based all across the world, from London to Hong Kong and beyond. Its portfolio includes Genvid, Alvarium, Intercounty Mercedes, Street Greek, and CTR Developments, to name a few.

CB Web Design has highly skilled team with over a decade of experience in providing bespoke web solutions, equipped to take initial business concepts to reality. Dan Pearson, Product Marketing Manager of Genvid says, “everyone I dealt with was consistently pleasant and thoroughly competent.” The team’s experience and care for the clients are the two factors in its accomplishments. “We were always assured that they valued our partnership, and that was an integral part of the project’s success” as Matthew Chamberlain, Managing Director of CTR Developments puts it.

Novos was founded by Samuel Hurley and Antonio Wedral. This digital agency is based in London and aims at increasing organic growth of brands through SEO. They provide you with a strategy, content and digital PR and consultancy to achieve growth. They stand out because of the cutting edge strategies that give actionable steps that improve web experience for users. 


Bloom was founded by Stephanie Melodia in 2017 with the aim of providing small business marketing services. They stand out because of the effective paid search, social Ads and SEO they offer startups. 

Check out their inspiring case study they published for their client Tempo; the UK’s no. 5 startup.

The Fifth Mark

The Fifth Mark was founded by Sian Allmark. it is located in London and has been in existence since 2018. They partner with business owners and investors to launch and scale their businesses. The Fifth Mark stands out because with them, there is no need to choose between hiring a digital marketing agency and a startup marketing consultant. You get both benefits when you sign a contract with them.


Bravr is located in London and was founded by Shahin Fard in 2008. They offer social media management, paid social, SEO, content creation,  pay per click and content marketing. Their sound strategy and technical excellence make them stand out.

Good Marketer

Founded in 2017 by Tom Welbourne, the Good Marketer agency is located in London and they offer SEO, website development, pay per click ads, social media advertising, digital strategy and Email marketing and content marketing to small businesses.


Impression uncovers new digital marketing opportunities and makes the most of them in measurable ways that benefit small businesses. It was founded in 2012 by Tom Craig and the agency operates both in London and Nottingham. Their use of the latest technology to create bespoke solutions that grow businesses is worth reading more about their case studies on the agency’s website


Kota agency is based in London and New York and was founded in 1984 by Jonathan Bradford. This is one of the digital companies in London that use the latest technology to build cutting edge websites that keep users glued to small businesses. Kota builds websites that can be accessed using mobile devices and platforms. 

The Brains

This startup marketing agency offers award-winning SEO, Social campaigns and PPC that help companies grow faster. The new business agency was founded in 2015 by Larry Kotch and Jonathan Lemer. The Brains has helped over 400 businesses grow and is located in London.


Croud connects data, creativity and technology to business performance. This digital marketing agency has a “Croud Control” platform that comprises of 2400 digital experts making it easier for startups to access the services of a specialist. Croud was founded by Ben Knight in April 2011 with its headquarter in London.


Ceek was founded by Charlie Terry and it is headquartered in London. The agency specialize in social media marketing. Pay per click, and influencer marketing. Their marketing consultants use unique marketing methods to ensure that small businesses gain online visibility. is a digital marketing agency that uses data and technology to ensure that brands grow. was founded by Murat Yenilmez and Ceyla Ensari in 2015 and the agency operates both in istanbul and in London. This is one of the marketing companies with a proven track record of success. They have provided services to top brands like Microsoft, Pizza Pizza, Harvard Business Review Turkey, Godiva, Ulker and more.

Recently, has announced a new initiative for startups and small scale businesses in the UK. Here you can learn more about the new project names “ for Startups & Small Business

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