8 Effective Ways Start-Up Businesses Should Consider to Boost Publicity

You may have a business built on a great idea, but still, you need to tackle different marketing techniques to grow it. Especially in today’s competitive startup environment, you need to constantly search for new opportunities to boost publicity of your business.

Boosting publicity is a crucial concern for any business. Big organizations spend millions each year on various means of marketing. However, entrepreneurs usually have a limited budget and resources compared to other big companies. Startup businesses face many challenges. Entrepreneurs don’t have a considerable amount of money to spend on advertising in the early stage of their startup. However, this does not mean there are no other ways to promote a startup business.

The good news is that you don’t need to pour tons of money into boosting your publicity. In today’s world, there are a vast number of opportunities you can try. They are relatively easy to tackle once you know how to utilize them in your favour.

This article will explore some of the easiest and most effective ways startups can boost publicity.

Leverage Newsletters

Ideally, advertising your product through newspaper ads and brochures is the standard marketing strategy for any big company. However, they cost a lot and are not easy to reach. Yet, we live in the internet age, and the internet will always have your back.

Today’s trend is an e-mail marketing strategy. You can see it on the social media of any big or small business. Startups must have an e-mail marketing strategy because they effortlessly convey to your potential customers the purpose and value of your company. They are easier to spread among potential users since it only takes seconds to forward an e-mail. The good part is you don’t have to subscribe to costly software or hardware. There are tons of newsletter services out there with affordable and accessible services. All you need to do is make a quality newsletter design.

Use Multi-Platform Social Media Marketing

In today’s world, social media is everything. Think about it; it’s everywhere. The majority of people’s daily life includes engaging in social media. When people face problems, they search through Facebook or Twitter to find an answer. When people need to find a specific product, they turn to Instagram to see what’s out there. There is no limit to using social media for your business benefit.

As long as you have a solid social media presence with a clear idea of who you are targeting, you can use it to build connections with potential customers. Try a few different social media platforms before committing to one to see which has the most reach for your target demographic. In the meantime, you can increase your brand’s awareness and boost your publicity.

Listen to your customer

Your customers are your secret weapon. Whether or if your services and products are relevant to them can significantly influence your marketing strategy. You can dig into various ways to better understand your customers’ needs. You can experiment with social media, statistics, and other data in your hand to get a grip on what your product means to them. However, speaking with people directly is the most excellent option for getting clear answers to their demands.

User-Generated Content

Creating content that will capture potential users’ and current users’ attention is not easy. You need to be creative and constantly aim to top your previous performance. It is challenging for startups since they have a limited budget for cameras and other tools. Yet, there is a magical content type called User Generated Content. You let your users create the content for you. It can be a lovely review they have given or a picture of them using your product. Use whatever means you can reach. It’s easy, and there is no investment or complicated editing process.

SEO Strategy

For any startup, ensuring they are utilizing their website for their benefit is the key to successful publicity. Three magical words are the key to a successful website that drives constant and quality traffic: Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, You can establish and maintain relationships with your potential clients with minimal effort. Your customers will see your brand as more confident, credible and respectful when you rank well in search results. Here is an article about where SEO can take your business. 

Word of Mount

This one is a little bit tricky. Word of the mount, also known as referral marketing, is the oldest marketing strategy in the book. It’s all about getting your users to talk about your business. Although there is no specific way to achieve it, other items on the list can be shaped to promote more words of mount spreading. Adding a clear call to action at the end of your social media post, your newsletter and your content on your website will help you achieve that organic word of mount action.

Put yourself out there

Here is the hard part, you need to put yourself out there for your company, as many great business owners do. It will help if you become your organization’s number one fan. Tackle different platforms and spend time on them to inform them about your product. Engage with forums, Twitter users, and Facebook communities… For example, when Alexis Ohanian launched Reddit, he travelled around the country and randomly handed stickers to strangers to let them know there was this hot new platform. There is no limit.

Attend Networking Programs

Networking can be low-key and easy when done the right way, just like meeting new like-minded friends. The startup environment is buzzing with networking events. Just follow the right platforms to avoid missing the important event date. Attend them and put yourself out there. Be open-minded, and remember you can always learn something new from your fellow entrepreneurs.


Practical tools to boost publicity don’t have to be costly and complex. There are many quality and easy-to-achieve marketing strategies that today’s world offers us. The key is to know how to use them in your favour. Follow this guide to boost the publicity of your startup.