Flash Interviews with London Startups

Startups of London is a multimedia company that aims to be the voice of the startup ecosystem. We tell startups and entrepreneurs’ success and failure stories with articles, video documentaries, and podcasts. In fact, we have already featured over 30 startup video documentaries, 70+ podcast episodes and 240+ pieces of deeply-researched articles that appear as the #1 search result for a massive range of organic keywords.

We distribute our content through different channels to some of the most exquisite audiences in the London startup ecosystem and build a bridge between startups and like-minded fellow entrepreneurs, investors who are in a quest to find inventive startups, future team members, and even customers.

As we have the privilege to closely watch some of the best startups in the UK, we can safely say startup businesses go through complex challenges. Whether raising capital or building a self-sufficient team to create products and services that will stick out from the crowd, being in the startup ecosystem is a full-time job. Let’s face it, it’s an intimidating process. 

As SOL, we believe in the ancient tradition of learning from other people’s mistakes and successes. Startups are the pillar for some of the most astonishing developments in technology, healthcare, communication, etc. Learning from those that already been through the complex process of founding a startup and conquering it is a valuable opportunity. As SOL, we aim to make those pearls of wisdom available to anyone that seeks it. 

The interviews we are presenting to you are vital parts of our quest to bring you the various stories from the startups’ environment. We regularly ask a series of questions to the founders of the most exciting startups in the current London scene, where we had the chance to meet at the networking and business events organised in the city. They share their hard-earned knowledge with you with an open heart. 

SOL proudly presents some of London’s most promising startups.


Vivup is a prominent health and wellness benefits provider in the United Kingdom. They provide a completely customised employee engagement platform that integrates employee benefits, wellness programs, discounts and savings, recognition and reward, and workplace communications, allowing your employees to access everything in one location. It offers exciting benefits such as Payroll Pay, Lifestyle Savings, Employee Assistance Programme and Recognition and Reward

Alva Labs

Alva Lab’s mission is to make the tedious process of hiring more sophisticated and easy. They are specialised in the candidate hiring process by combining AI and machine learning. Their psychometric testing tool is easy for all recruiters and provides a bias-free and fair assessment process for the candidates.

Flow Recovery

Flow has built the definitive recuperation concept using cutting-edge technology and sensor-enabled gadgets. Engineers, physiotherapists, and professional athletes came together to create an inclusive recovery brand. Their one-of-a-kind rehabilitation platform provides a fresh approach to the recovery process.

Help Me Grow

Help Me Grow provides many services for your business to cherish, from business coaching to self-development, training and workshops to marketing support. Their skilled team aims to help your company grow with their internationally recognised training and qualifications.


Omnipresent makes it simple to hire remote talent and employees from anywhere globally, giving them access to home comforts like local healthcare and social contributions. It’s perfect for any business that aims for a global team. They make hiring easy and convenient; knowing time is vital for any business.

Head Honchos Consulting Ltd

Head Honchos Consulting Ltd. is an on-demand executive coaching service that aims to the well being and support of each member of a company. In addition, they provide a consulting system for support to your team members.

Easy R&D

Easy R & D works with business owners and executives who want to claim an R & D tax credit from HMRC, but it’s not always easy to qualify. Easy R & D professional accountants work with clients to maximise R & D demand and minimise the company’s time commitment. Easy R & D focus on R & D tax credits and takes a step further for clients to benefit more from their business with a diverse team of UK technical experts.

My High Street

My High Street is a trading name of Keynect, which offers services to link customers with businesses all around the UK. It was created with a noble cause, such as helping small companies compete against big enterprises in the digital era. They have been assisting businesses in the UK and overseas since 2001.


Hardsoft describes themselves as ‘One-Stop Computer Leasing’, which accurately represents who they are. With their 35 plus year in the business, they offer secure hardware and software from all major distributors around the world and a highly competent and fully trained technical support team. They have partnered with some of the major computer manufacturers such as HP, Lenovo, Apple and Microsoft.

Route 80 I 37

Route 80/37 offers holistic approach well-being of businesses and the people in terms of organisational growth and cultural change. They take a closer look at some of the vital parts of being in the business, such as Organisational Performance and Emotional Intelligence and help people find their full potential with also improving and protecting their mental well-being.


Psydro is a social review site that aims to help you make smarter purchase decisions. Their conscientiously designed product is a helping hand in today’s consuming driven world with their friendly interface. Moreover, they have some auspicious features such as exclusive discounts and random prizes.


Another startup that knows how hard global hiring is for business is Hofy. First, they gather all the tools that a new hire would need to have, from asset tracking to mobile device management. Then, they make a remote working process smooth and pain-free.


Events and Expos such as Business Revival are a great way to meet up and coming startups. To continue bringing you some of the most exciting startups on the quest to shape the future, we’ll be attending much more events. There are plenty more events we are looking to explore, and we will be keeping you updated through this post. Stay tuned for more.

If you are looking for more inspiring startups, check our Podcast series. If you are a startup business owner who wants to share your story, our door is always open, just contact us and start the conversation.