Here’s How to Equip Your Business with a Unique Brand Name

Unique Brand Name

Naming is a vital part of starting a business, and it’s about more than simply coming up with a name that sounds extremely fun and stylish or a name you enjoy; it’s about coming up with one that communicates true meaning to your clientele.

Customers want a memorable brand name that they can promptly identify, recall, discuss, and promote. Developing a solid brand name is the first milestone in giving your firm a clear identity, optimizing marketing, and raising revenue.

Choosing the perfect name for your firm, on the other hand, can be difficult. Countless new founders struggle to discover a memorable and unique business name with a registered domain name and social network handles.

And based on our experience guiding over 35,000 companies through this arduous process, here are three simple but crucial steps that will make picking the appropriate name a breeze.

Three Essential Instructions to Follow When Naming Your Brand

Essential Instructions

Understand Your Company

Every entrepreneur on the quest for the perfect name must carve out time to comprehend all there is to know regarding their firm. You’d be losing out on vital information if you ignore gathering precise details about the fundamentals that drive your company’s operations or how customers view your brand. So, be sure to develop your company’s mission, vision, and short- and long-term objectives.

If your goal is to launch a fitness clothing line, you need to know the best market to target, the details on how to find high-quality activewear, and the optimum brand positioning for your brand. It’s also helpful to picture where you want your venture to be in the near future and then work towards developing a strategy that will help you get there.

Examining your rivals to see where they are succeeding and lacking is another popular way to gather critical information that’d help you position your brand as a high-performer in its niche. 

Know Your Audience

Finding an impeccable name for your company without first doing your company and customer analysis is like attempting to run an ironman triathlon without packing the critical equipment for the biking and swimming phase.

So, ensure you start researching your potential customers and figuring out the best tone that captures your brand’s identity and helps you instantly connect with them. We suggest you give your brand a modern, practical, playful, pre-eminent, or emotionally charged tone.

Studies have revealed that older age groups are heavily drawn to traditional and classic brand tones. Therefore, giving your brand a trendy, fun, and innovative name while targeting an older customer demographic is an invitation for challenges down the line. 

Start Brainstorming

Here’s where the real fun starts! Gather your naming together, grab your writing materials and start searching for short, unique, and catchy words that’d be the best fit for your company’s tone, services, and target audience. 

Write down as many words as possible, even if they’re weird or outlandish. Who knows what exciting potential they’ve got within them? As you brainstorm, ensure you use these tools to make your brainstorming more fun and enjoyable.

Once you’ve finished assembling at least 200 names on your list, sit down with your team and select your top ten most-beloved words that communicate the essence of your brand. 

Now that you’ve selected your top ten names, we can begin validating each of them to discover which of them would be the perfect fit for your business’s identity and target audience. And you can validate these names by gathering customer feedback, checking if it has an available top-level domain name, and confirming if it’s already been trademarked by someone else.

Your chosen name must be loved by your customers, have an available TLD domain extension like “.com,” and not have been trademarked by someone else.


Finding the perfect name can change the fortunes of your company since great names can easily captivate customers and increase sales, thereby affecting your company’s overall financial success. 

Ensure you get a great company name that remains consistent with your company’s tone and personality and connects with your target client. Even a brilliant firm with a unique product will struggle on social media if it does not have an appealing name. 

Getting a powerful brand name is vital to your brand’s success. Doing this will make it easier to build enthusiasm and attract more customers.

About the Author

Grant Polachek

Grant Polachek is the head of branding for, 3X Inc 5000 startup and disruptive naming agency. Squadhelp has reviewed more than 1 million names and curated a collection of the best available names on the web today. We are also the world’s leading crowdsource naming platform, supporting clients from early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies.