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Startups and entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of London’s business and technology ecosystem. As Startups of London, we tell the stories of these startups and scaleups through video documentaries, podcasts, articles and deeply curated reports.

In London, as in any good ecosystem, a tech startup is not built only by the founders working in an office (or a garage) by themselves. It is the result of many people from different backgrounds such as investors, designers, developers, recruiters, growth marketers, sales consultants and experts coming together and working towards shared goals.

Founder Interviews with London Startups

We help startups get their core message out to a bigger audience while providing inspirational and educational content for entrepreneurs curious about how things tick in London. We are for anyone who wants to understand how great technology businesses achieve success or fail.

Our content is built with real office tours and founder interviews. Asking the real questions about company culture, growth, funding challenges, team building is our mission. London may be the financial capital of the United Kingdom, but it has some distance to cover to be a real startup hub, the biggest step to that is transparency and sharing of learning.

Making London’s Startup Ecosystem More Open

Internet is the most powerful tool humans ever created. It serves us learn from each others mistakes and failures. Startups are all about experimentation and iteration. They push the boundaries of what is achievable with today’s technology, for the benefit of consumers. Sometimes, they create something amazing, at other times they fail. This is all good, as long as we do not repeat the same mistakes. That’s why all great startups emerge from good ecosystems that share the lessons they have learned openly. London is a very traditional market in some senses and key insights about how to build and grow a technology startup can be very protected. Our mission is to open it up to the world and accelerate the creation of innovation. The way we do that is create valuable content that let’s the startups get their message out there, while providing valuable content for all the people out there trying to get in the game.

Made for entrepreneurs, investors, job seekers

If you are looking for a job at a startup or looking for market intelligence, we hope you will find the content we have worked so hard to create valuable.

As true believers in the power of startups to change the world for the better, we invite you to join this journey.

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