How Access Control Can Increase Security for Coworking Spaces

With the number of coworking spaces expected to double by 2024, owners and managers are looking for ways to stay competitive by making their spaces as inviting as possible.

Security plays a crucial role in determining the overall attractiveness of a coworking space. Safety issues in coworking spaces include access from unauthorised individuals entering the space, theft of valuable items or data, and potentially dangerous confrontations.

Measures like access control, security cameras and cybersecurity can significantly increase the space’s level of safety, thus providing members with additional peace of mind.

This article will focus specifically on access control measures and how they boost security in a coworking space.

It ensures only members can enter the coworking space

It ensures only members can enter the coworking space

The primary reason for getting an access control solution installer to install this modern security technology in your coworking system is to ensure only registered members can access the space. This allows you to keep unauthorised personnel out without having to check each visitor manually.

One way to do so is by installing a keypad or a card reader that allows members to enter the space by simply entering a PIN or swiping their card. These systems minimise the time it takes for the access control check to happen, which can positively affect member satisfaction.

Nowadays, it’s also common for coworking spaces to release digital credentials directly on members’ smartphones. This achieves two goals. First, members don’t need to carry a card with them or remember an additional PIN. Second, smartphones are more difficult to use by strangers when they get lost or stolen, as they typically require a passcode that only the original owner knows.

It alerts security staff when somebody tries to access the area without permission

In addition to not granting access to unauthorised individuals, access control can immediately alert security staff when they attempt to access the space multiple times, which may signal suspicious activity.

A prompt response by the coworking space’s security team can greatly reduce the risk of unfavourable events like thefts, vandalism and security breaches.

It restricts access to administrative areas

Another reason coworking spaces may want to implement modern access control solutions is to restrict access to areas that only the space’s staff should access.

Such areas include administrative rooms, server closets and other places where confidential items or documents are stored.

In addition to the basic access control solutions mentioned earlier, these areas could also benefit from the implementation of more advanced alternatives.

For example, you may install facial recognition devices to grant access to the administrative section. These technologies verify the user’s identity based on stored facial data.

You can also set up a multi-factor authentication procedure (MFA) that requires staff to show two or more credentials before entering the room. For example, those seeking access to a server room may have to first enter a PIN on a keypad and then swipe their card.

It makes it easy to keep records of who accessed the premises

By installing access control solutions, it becomes easier to keep track of who has entered and left the coworking space on any given day and at any given hour. This information can be vital in the event of a security incident, as it will help you quickly identify those who were present when the event happened.

Through this feature, coworking spaces can also obtain useful insights into how members use the space and at what times. This information can help managers adjust the space’s hours, staff and resources to best serve the members and save resources in the process.

It allows managers to monitor employees' hours

Another benefit of installing access control solutions is that they allow a manager to keep tabs on employees’ working hours. This allows management to gain insights into how many hours a week each employee is actually on the premises and how long they’re taking on average for their breaks.

Coworking spaces can use this information to maximise human resource utilisation and address any potential issues related to staff productivity.

It can be integrated with your visitor management system

It can be integrated with your visitor management system

Access control solutions can also be integrated with the coworking space’s visitor management system, making the guest check-in process safer, faster and more efficient.

The coworking company can release temporary credentials that guests can use to access the space only for a limited amount of time and for specific purposes. This could be the case for those who use the coworking space on a non-regular basis by purchasing daily or weekly tickets instead of subscribing to a regular membership.

Having an automated system in place also allows coworking spaces to store guests’ information more securely, thus keeping it safe from potential cyberattacks or data breaches.


On the whole, access control provides numerous advantages to coworking spaces, including prevention of unauthorised entry, restriction on access to administrative areas, useful records on space usage, integration with visitor management systems, and quick security staff responses in the event of repeated entry attempts by non-members to enter the space.