How Can a Startup Mobile App Give Initial Push to Your Business?

“How Can a Startup Mobile App Give Initial Push to Your Business?” by Jamie Waltz

These days most of our lives are unthinkable without mobile applications. People check their smartphones every few minutes, and the user volume of mobile apps has already crossed the world’s population. The shift to smartphones, from website to mobile app, has been a significant sign of the dominance of mobile apps. 

Naturally, mobile app development is the most appropriate decision that any new business startup can take. It is the only way to push brand visibility and rap on the market of growing smartphone users.

Despite these advantages, startups and SMEs often go through the usual dilemma about building a mobile app. They continue to think about whether they need to develop their app initially or wait for the appropriate time?

As per all credible predictions, the overall mobile app market is continuously growing. On the other hand, businesses now have a plethora of cost-efficient technologies for shaping their app projects in the technology landscape. You can opt for developing an app from scratch or just use the app builders. As for hiring developers and building an app over time, businesses now have several different models to choose from as per their budget and preferences. So, the situation is exceptionally conducive to startup mobile app development now.

As a startup, are you still undergoing the dilemma concerning app development? Let’s explain the key ways a mobile app can help your startup.

Making the Business Customer-centric

When you build a mobile app for the business, most of your customers can access it right on the smartphone screen. Through an app, you can easily enhance your online presence. When startups need to reach a broader customer base, a mobile app can do so in the most customer-friendly manner. 

The online interface of any business should address the customer needs to help the business grow. With a mobile app, you give your business a customer-centric orientation as everything revolves around customer experience and feedback.

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Develop a Robust Brand

It is a big challenge for the startups to create a robust brand presence despite the competition from established players. Well, the sophisticated user experience of a startup mobile app alone can make your brand stand out from the competition despite offering the same length of services and products. The app user experience created by an expert mobile app development company can help a startup build a competitive brand presence from early on.

Smooth Revenue Generation

Mobile apps help connect companies with their customers with ease. The continuous connection and round-the-clock brand visibility on the smartphone screen ensure optimum engagement of customers resulting in more business conversion. 

Mobile apps also make it extremely seamless to process transactions and allow digital payments of customers. In addition, the faster checkout and smooth mobile payment boost the app user experience, resulting in more sales and less cart abandonment rate.

Streamlining Customer Feedback

Companies across all niches rely on mobile apps to enhance their customer relations. However, the dissatisfied customer giving negative feedback on social media platforms to bring a bad reputation is a big challenge. 

Mobile apps representing the brand allow its customers to give direct feedback to improve and address the issues. In addition, startup mobile apps open the direct communication channel to impart more knowledge on the products and services.

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Enhances the Customer Service

For any business brand, customers happen to be the lifeline. Therefore, you need to attract new customers constantly while at the same time maintaining the old and existing ones. It can be done most efficiently through an app allowing optimum personalization. 

You can address customers directly and accommodate their preferences and choices through custom product pages, push notifications, and menu options. In addition, you can offer a live mobile chat service or chatbot communication to address their issues.

Monitoring Customers and Tracking Triggers

One of the most important things about mobile apps is that they allow businesses to collect a lot of customer data corresponding to their preferences, usage patterns, demographic information, etc. This humongous volume of customer data can be analysed to get data-driven insights and specific buying triggers, and these insights and triggers can be utilised to boost purchases.

Pushing Customer Loyalty

Mobile app development helps a startup get new clients, but it also helps establish a stronger bond with the existing customer base. Besides using a mobile app to constantly update customers on the latest products and services, and offers, the app can build a sense of community to push customer engagement. In addition, a mobile app can be used to unleash instantly engaging loyalty programs. 

Marketing Tool

Apps also serve as very effective marketing tools. Mobile apps play a great role in helping a business to reach out to a wider audience. In addition, you can incorporate a strong content marketing strategy and engage customers with gamification features to boost their morale. 

Almost every startup complains about the high cost of marketing, especially in respect of traditional media ads. It is where startup mobile apps offer a highly cost-effective marketing tool for businesses. A startup can unleash a wide array of tactics and strategies to push customer footfall through a mobile app.


So, from the above elucidation, it is clear that mobile apps continue to perform as the most dominant and effective tool to help startups roll on the part of success. Any startup through app development can take on multiple opportunities ranging from direct sales channels, marketing, loyalty programs, customer service, and support.