How Did Y Combinator Affect Business Growth for Devyce? [Podcast #85]

This week on the SOL Podcast we welcome Nick Browne, co-founder of Devyce. They are three co-founders. We have had Nick this week representing the whole team and the whole company.

We addressed issues like business growth, the future of telephony usage, developing technology according to current needs, adjusting to the market, and impacts of past experiences in terms of assets of a company. Listen to our insightful chat with Nick Browne to broaden your horizons about entrepreneurship through the experiences of another startup and learn more about their journey to San Francisco with Y Combinator. 

What is devyce for?

Devyce is a VoIP operating system built to offer businesses a communication system with flexibility, scalability and dependability. As a 100% cloud-based system, Devyce supports remote and hybrid working while allowing businesses, big and small, to maintain communication with employees, customers and clients without hassle.

At the same time, their unique relationship with the UK mobile network gives them direct access to worldwide telecom networks and allows them to expand globally. 

Devyce product also allows sales managers and sales teams to have multiple numbers (landline or mobile) on their personal handset which eliminates the need for second or more handsets. Managers and sales team managers have access to call recordings, live call listening, reading messages and providing numbers very quickly in call groups. It’s just a whole unified new way of looking at the mobile telephone for business use.

What are the benefits of being involved in Y Combinator?

In whatever form, getting professional support while developing a business is an invaluable opportunity.

Being included in Y Combinator not only provides you with financial support but also allows you to enter the same community with people from many different channels who are successful in their fields and get many benefits from this.