How Dire Times Create Unforeseen Market Opportunities with Marieta Bencheva, Co-Founder of Consulthon [Podcast #67]

Did you know that small businesses spend £22bn on external experts each year in London alone? If you like to know more about consulting, this episode of the SOL Podcast is for you. We are excited to welcome Marieta Bencheva, the Co-Founder of Consulthon, a platform where they provide personalized consulting on demand.

During growth stage small businesses and startups can face challenges they can’t handle on their own. Thus, it can be crucial to have easy and quick access to the knowledge of consultants to resolve their specific problems. Consulthon’s mission is to make professional consulting accessible for all. The chance to reach independent consultants of the highest calibre is now possible at a fraction of the cost.

Their Own Growth as a Consulting Business

We asked Marieta about the market demand and opportunity. In our conversation, we focused on how they navigated the market, to which specific need they were trying to respond, and how they determined there was a demand, in the first place. Amongst the most interesting points in the discussion is business planning and how it can change over time.

Discover how a global pandemic and transformation in the working environment can create unforeseen market opportunities. Your success may depend on your ability to adapt when things don’t go as you intended. Your business can develop in a way that you didn’t anticipate, as it did with Consulthon. But, it is not necessarily a bad thing.

If you would like to learn about Consulthon’s approach to product development, their use of analytics data in terms of market fit, and how they reach out to their clients and respond to their challenges, tune into the podcast below. It’s a great opportunity to listen to Marieta’s insights on the world of consulting. Catch some tips on how to build a lasting relationship between consultant and client based on trust, as well.