How Has Education Changed in 2023?

The education industry has been slow in adapting to the exponential growth of technology. People already use tech in most aspects of their lives. Although some educational institutions use a few tech devices, it hasn’t reached the point where every school and university uses them.

In recent years, the education industry has seen a great deal of change. From online learning to mobile apps and virtual classrooms, there are many options for students and educators to gain a convenient, affordable, engaging, and professional education. Below we will highlight some key points about the future of the education industry.

Massive Transition to Online Learning

Due to advancements in technology, the sector has experienced a massive transition to online learning. It is an excellent way to continue education at all levels. In addition, students can learn from home as online learning platforms already exist for all levels.  For example, you could find online platforms for primary to higher education. The best universities already offer online degrees, and you could even find online coding bootcamps Also, online learning platform providers had to step up their games to meet the demand for online learning. Google Classroom is an example of one of these tools. It is free, and teachers can use it to manage their classes and materials. Thus, the institutions that didn’t have any kind of online platform had to find ways to create one in weeks. 

Introduction of New Tech

To meet all this new demand, the sector had to introduce new technology into the mix. It means having more software like management tools and video calling, if not creating their learning platform. However, not everything is negative about this transition because it also accelerated the pace of adopting technologies like AI, machine learning, and virtual reality.  

The platforms need to be optimised and improved now that it has become more popular. Artificial intelligence can help with that by analysing all the data that has been collected this year and is continually collected every second. You can attend schools like General Assembly to learn how new tech impacts education.

Companies can now improve their platforms to find the best learning methods for online learning. They have already used AI to increase personalisation in online classrooms. However, online learning may not be for everyone. Some students have more trouble concentrating when they aren’t in the classroom. Virtual reality could solve this problem by creating virtual environments that feel like the real thing. It will increase interaction and overall student engagement.


Although there were many learning platforms before, the number has doubled or tripled this year. It will have a direct impact on accessibility. In other words, students that had a difficult time attending the physical classrooms because of remote locations or disabilities will now have more choices than ever before. It applies to all stages of education, from pre-K to post-graduate degrees.

Also, the introduction of new technologies will make their experience more enjoyable. Before, online learning platforms weren’t the best options. You had to look to find one that could give you what you needed. As a result, it is easier to find an online course that offers an excellent user experience.

The Need for A Different Curriculum

Throughout the different education levels, curriculums have stayed relatively constant. However, society has changed very fast in the last few decades because of technological developments. The sector needs to adapt to this change. One of the first things it should do is change the curriculum to include skills more required in today’s society. 

Right now, digital security is something most people have to learn on their own the hard way. But now that kids as little as preschoolers are learning online, they should know about cybersecurity from an early age. That is just one example of how the curriculum should be updated. 

In Summary

The increase in online learning increased accessibility in the sector. Finally, it made the need for updating the curriculum a pressing matter. In 2023, education has become more important than ever. Attending schools like App Academy can help you keep up with the growing educational trends.

The world is constantly changing, and new technologies are evolving every day. As a result, how we learn and grow has never been more critical. To keep up with these changes, schools must provide opportunities for students to engage with different types of learning experiences.