How to Become a Conference Speaker?

Have you ever imagined how exhausting and challenging creating numbers of presentations for different conferences are? However, creating quality presentations for speaking is incredibly backbreaking. The art of speaking is a beautiful way to grow your reach and connect with people on a psychological level. Speaking could increase your growth and expand your career to another dimension. For a beginner interested in being a conference speaker, you need to understand what a conference is, you need to be passionate and have keen interest in specific subjects,know the types of conferences so that you can have an idea of your niche,the skills and tips in becoming a confident speaker,the benefits of speaking at conferences and also how to prepare for conferences. Remember that for you to be a successful conference speaker, you need to have a great passion to influence people while expressing your thoughts .You can also see this story to know about the thoughts and expressions of a new speaker.

Body language is everything

This is the most important beauty in being a speaker because it is more powerful than the words you speak. While you speak,70% is caused by your voice, how you speak and 30% is due to the content of your message. Your story needs to be stable and confident in your composure while speaking to your audience .Also don’t forget to make eye contact while speaking and if you feel nervous, take a deep breath and relax.

Connect with your audience

For you to connect with your audience, you need to give them a reason why they should listen and stay interested in your speech. Imagine a scene of how comedians keep their audience glued to their story, you also need to put yourself in that position where you need to be humorous by being a good storyteller because no one wants to listen to a boring person ,walk towards your audience , compliment them and be concise.

Be mindful of your voice and tone

When speaking at a conference, your delivery in front of the audience must be accurate. Your voice and clarity is a key factor when speaking to your audience and one way to get this right is by emphasising each word of your last statement. Also remember that you need to be silent by pausing from time to time while making specific points.


One major trait in becoming a conference speaker is the aesthetics of your presentation. For any conference to be breathtaking, your content must be leading because it establishes your credibility, makes you a leader and keeps your audience firm and organisers impressed. Whatever content you make , be assured that people connect to you through them.

Record yourself

For one who is a starter in conference speaking ,constant practice is important in building your confidence . To achieve self training in this, you can start by recording your speech using your phone or camcorder. Though it might seem discouraging delivering your speech in front of the camera, it is the best way of visualising your audience. You need to learn to pitch yourself by doing things differently in terms of your composure, your ability to speak well and avoid any sort of distractions.


Deliberate on the kind of conference and audience you want (academic, press, exhibition, sport, tech, etc). Always remember that your audience are the ones who determine if your conference will be successful because they will eventually rate you at the end . so make sure your presentation is catchy .

Improve your speaking skills

One interesting thing about a conference speaker is your ability to communicate and be in control of your diction. For a beginner to be skilled in speaking , you have to learn to become an orator . Most people are gifted with the ability to express themselves while some find it difficult to deliver speeches. Regardless of the challenge , there are rooms for improvement by upping your game or joining a speaker association . You might also benefit from participating in podcast series at a corporate workspace like Startups of London . You could also practice speaking elsewhere either in a social setting or a religious gathering .

Be versatile

Be versatile about technologies used for conferences. The world we are in is a global village, technology is advancing , new innovations like Lessig style, Ignite, Live streaming , Pechakucha, Guy Kawasaki pitch deck, Takahashi style and audience engagement. For you to get your presentation right you need to constantly experiment with these techniques, be open to other ideas and learn to set yourself apart with other unique speakers.

Be sociable

Public speaking is an Art. For a beginner to be successful in conference speaking , one has to be sociable , learn to build your presence online and offline . We are in the new age of social media where it is easier for people to meet and connect so you are likely to be mostly interested in conferences being organised on facebook, linkedin , instagram or twitter. Try to engage with these people so your name always rings a bell next time . Learn to attend conferences you’ll wish to speak at , register for conferences, attend them all so you’ll learn from other speakers on topics they have chosen. Do not also forget that the beauty of being a conference speaker is when you are being invited to speak so you can equally start with small events . learn to apply for conferences online by searching for the relevant event that suits your niche.

Additional Notes

One of the marketing strategies of being a conference speaker is the ability to sell yourself. You should be able to market yourself to organisers , your audience by creating marketing materials like your website, brochure, testimonials from past listeners who engaged in your speaking session. Contact the bureaus and directories of speakers in your field . conference organisers go to this list when they are in need of speakers to select a speaker , so this increases your chances of being contacted.

Conference organisers receive a lot of speaker applications so they don’t want to exhaust their time in reading lengthy write ups. Your monograph shouldn’t be more than a few paragraphs so try to consider what your presentation should be about and what your audience can learn from it. Before submitting your composition, send your slope to your colleague or friend for suggestions and clarifications.

Remember that becoming a conference speaker is a way to develop yourself as an expert in your field. Constantly practice and be aware of the niche you want to grow in and scrutinise our tips to increase your chances of being one of the world’s top speakers.

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