How to Get a Startup Job in 2023?

What do you need to find a startup job? A great resume with a perfect design? Grate graduation degree from the best universities? Yes, those could work but not precisely. Startup work environments are vivid, fast-changing, and adaptive, so are their employees. It is good to check job boards regularly but not enough to land your dream job. Would you like to know why? Come closer and keep reading. We have some tips about how to get a startup job. 

How to Get a Startup Job with No Experience?

Startups are perfect places for new graduates, and better than all, the experience would not be the first thing in their job requirements. As a new graduate, it will be a fantastic opportunity for you. Show your enthusiasm and motivation for the job. Be a quick learner and a good problem solver. Those skills will help you to stand out.  

Did you know one in five London jobs is now in the tech sector? Here you can learn more.

Reach Out to Them Directly

If you are a new grad searching for startup jobs, think about your interests and skillsets to decide which title will be a good match for you. Then, check out our London startups Job Market Insights report to find out more.

Most of the startups are small or medium companies, and that gives you the chance to connect with them via email or just with a LinkedIn message. So, start by searching for the startups you would like to work with. Review lists of the best startups in London to find companies that match your skillset and interests. Many startups are small, and it may only take an email or LinkedIn message to get connected to a decision-maker. Writing a cold contact cover letter is an excellent way to get noticed. A free LinkedIn Pro account would serve you well. So, try to catch a pro account deal from LinkedIn. 

Before writing your message or email, study the company and its industry well. Then, if you have a chance, download their app or use their products to generate ideas about improving the product. It is always good for you to show that you are an active user, and being aware of the competition in the industry will be a plus.

People are really busy in the startup world, so keep your messages clear and short.


Networking is everything in the startup environment, and also it could be the key that gets you to your future job. Startups must keep their turnover rates low. Referrals play a significant role in startup recruiting. So they trust people they know for referrals.

Here is your homework to learn how to get a startup job in London

  • List the companies you are interested in.
  • Check out your LinkedIn contacts and their connections.
  • Use Linkedin and Crunchbase search by names.
  • Dig into your school grad groups and find people working with or having contacts with the startups you find tempting.
  • Talk with your university’s career services. 

Meet up!

Following co-working space events and joining meetings gives you the advantage of knowing the industry and its people. Go there and introduce yourself. You will see the benefits of being proactive.

Attending online-offline conferences about technology will allow you to introduce yourself to the industry. For the upcoming meetups for London, visit our forthcoming meetup lists.

Social media

social media How to Get a Startup Job

Follow companies and their founders you are interested in. In this way, you will see their job postings firsthand and respond directly.

Have an Action Plan!

Job seekers burn out because they are disorganised. In addition, the process could be overwhelming if you do not have a job search action plan.

Are you targeting the right role?

Are you spending time on the right platforms to apply?

Do you understand the intent behind the interview questions?

If you don’t have a plan or don’t have any idea about how to do it, check out our 28-Day Action Plan, a downloadable pack with clear daily actions, tips from recruiters, and ready-to-use templates that aim you to nail the job you want. This pack saves an average of 2 full weeks of work for you.

Follow it to the letter, and you will get results.