How to Get Hired at a Startup & Get Noticed in 2023

The need to find a job in London never wears out if you’re a Londoner. With the business of the town and the demand and supply gap, we know that everyone goes down a rocky road in the pursuit of their perfect job. Well, among all corporate establishments and SME’s, startups are the new black, and we know it! With their fast-paced environment and ever-changing workflows, they are the places that keep anyone who works at a startup on their toes. This might be too much to handle for some people, but we know thousands of people are craving a workplace this vividly. Work in startups generally has no strict frames, mostly every employee at a startup is a part of one big machine that operates together. There are many startup jobs open in the market but getting through all of them to find a fit for you and get an interview might be tough. That’s why we have prepared this small guide for you to get hired at a startup you wish to be employed in and also get noticed by employers.

How To Get Hired At a Startup & Get Noticed (1)

The startup ecosystem needs to feed off of smart, quick and talented people that will thrive along with the business itself. So being a team player, having great assets and presenting them in a flawless way and having a fun personality will be added to your win section.

Be Curious

You probably read the “search the company/product before going to the meeting” advice on any blog. This is a true statement, but you need to step your game up with the startup ecosystem. You shouldn’t just be searching the company’s history and sector because you have an interview with them —you should be curious about them. You should be a curious searcher that knows the ins and outs of the sector, the founding story behind the startup, the success stories that belong to the workers or the CEOs. Search the market, get to know their competitors and create an insight to share at your interview. Showing your curiosity towards the startup itself or the sector will definitely give the vibrant vibe a startup craves for in an employee. 

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Get to Know Them

Company culture is an important element in any corporation, whether a startup or a well-known enterprise. Getting to know the culture will definitely be golden for your interview, even in the application phase. Looking at their team photos, a bit of investigation on Instagram and maybe watching their videos will give a lot of insight on what to expect. Should you be wearing a shirt? Or is your lucky t-shirt more than enough for this relaxed environment? Are they having happy hours where everyone ends up drunk or are they more of a restaurant elegance? We definitely advise you to get the feel of the startup environment before applying for the job. If you cannot find any information about the company culture you can prepare some questions to ask at your interview. Or maybe, not finding anything could be a hint that you shouldn’t apply? Only you know best.

Don’t Forget Your Extras!

There are many questions on getting ready for an interview and how to follow up on a job application. Remember that these are defaults for every job seeker. However, you need to bring your extra to the game if you’re going for the win! What we are talking about is sending a cover letter. Your CV won’t get you that job, or the first impression employers look for when hiring. Therefore you must add a cover letter to your job application email. Even if the application process doesn’t ask for a cover letter, you should always include one step ahead in the game.

Our years of experience with startup founders have gained valuable insight into the startup job market and how an individual can be a part of this environment. With just 28 days, you can get a job offer from the startup you wish to be employed at and really elevate your CV, cover letters, application processes, and so much more! Download our 28 Day Action Plan, a complete pack with specific daily actions, startup recruiters’ secret tips, and ready-to-use templates.