How to start a Courier Business

Looking to start a new business that can make you a fortune? Setting up a courier service may be one of the best options available for you at this moment in time. The rising popularity of Ecommerce now means that most of the UK population shops online which results in huge amounts of orders that need fulfilling.

In 2021, around 4.2 billion parcels were distributed around the UK, which shows just how many parcels you could potentially be delivering to customers up and down the country. Although setting up this kind of business is relatively straightforward, you’ll be facing stiff competition from the get-go with roughly 10,000 courier companies already operating in Britain according to the most recent data.

This is why you’ll want to know how you can hit the ground running to ensure a successful launch that eventually becomes a huge enterprise for delivering goods to people in the UK. Not sure how to do that? This is the article for you. We’ll discuss some of the challenges you may face and how you can mitigate them.

Challenges start-up courier services may face

Whenever you’re starting in a new industry, there’s bound to be a challenge or two that can get in the way. It takes great planning and resilience to beat this. With that in mind, here are some of the challenges you may face early on in your courier business lifespan:

  • Acquiring clients who are already in longstanding partnerships with other courier services
  • Having the best tech to provide customers with updates on their deliveries
  • Hiring talented employees that will provide great customer service
  • Theft of goods from your warehouse

Top tips for starting your courier business in the right way


Understanding the market is the first step. Begin by finding out how much competitors are charging businesses and see if you can offer them better rates. If you can’t then offer them something that their existing company cannot but you can. This could be same-day delivery or impeccable customer service. This may be enough to get them to sign up with your business instead.

Find your USP

Sure, anyone can offer same-day delivery and great service. However, when you find something niche that sets you apart from the competition, then you’ll start to attract the attention you want. One unique selling point you could take advantage of is being environmentally friendly.

Brands are constantly wanting to improve their carbon emissions and using an eco-conscious courier service is a great way to achieve that.

Equipment and vehicles

Finally, the right equipment is a must for kicking your business off in the right way. This will ensure you deliver your promises to the businesses you work with. This means supplying your staff members with high-quality equipment like scanners for efficient drop-offs and inventory management as well as a good Sat-Nav, so they can find the house they’re looking for with ease.

The vehicle you choose will be critical to success as it’s responsible for getting your parcels to customers on time, so you won’t want it breaking down en route. Ensure they’ve all been serviced and change the tyres, so they’re equipped with the best ones available for greater performance and reliability on the roads.

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