How to Write a Personal Statement for a Startup Job

You might be wondering how to stand out in every job application, with the perfect personal statement, you’ll be topping the list to catch the attention of any employer or recruiter. A well-written personal statement can give you a quality advantage over every other candidate and also can help you secure a new job, remember that its purpose is to sell yourself to the reader. In this article, we shall discuss how to write a personal statement for a startup job.

What is a personal statement?

A personal statement is a piece of writing that describes your achievements, interests, skills, abilities, or qualifications that would be useful for whatever position you’re applying for. Your statement should tell employers why you’re best.

Recruiters and employers are always looking for candidates’ statements than cover letters because they believe it adds value to your application. Your statement should focus only on you, be very professional about it. It should be about a targeted employer and how you meet up to their expectations.

So before writing your statement, you need to have a breakdown of how it should look like with;

  • Areas of expertise
  • Relevant skills you have for the job
  • Number of experiences you have
  • Any relevant qualifications or interests
  • What industry have you worked with one without any work experience can think around their hobbies, balancing them all in the role being applied for.
  • What personal qualities do you have that are relevant to the role?

The answers to these questions above will determine how your statement will be structured.             

How to Start a Personal Statement?

It’s sometimes usually tough to begin your statement, most times you do not know how and where to start but remember you need to have a mindmap about yourself. While introducing your profile in a career format, you need to be professional in your tone by hooking your reader’s mind in a few sentences.

      The opening paragraph of your statement should include-

  • Your job title
  • Number of years of experience
  • Active positive verbs like achieved, created, influenced, developed, and launched can be used
  • Your area of expertise.

Opening sentences are always very tricky but they do not make a personal statement. if you’re stuck at some point, you can begin your statement with your experiences and perhaps structure the opening sentence at the last but make sure you jot down a few lines and make the memories breathtaking to grab the attention of the reader.

Some examples of an Opening of a Personal Statement

1. Sales representative’s personal statement

“Success-driven and talented sales representative with over 7 years of experience in B2B, B2C sales. Proven track record of closing millions of pounds in deals in Health tech and a reputation for adhering to the highest standard of team and personal excellence.

2. Talent recruiter’s personal statement

I am a talent acquisition specialist with an interest in building an effective workforce. For more than 10 years, I have helped millions of businesses to find their perfect hires and helped in developing their work culture.

3. Business analyst’s personal statement

“An experienced business analyst with a background in project and team management, accounting, and process engineering. I am always looking for new ways to mitigate risk, increase company efficiency and create new partnership opportunities.”

4. Social media specialist’s personal statement

Social media branding specialist with a proven track record in lead generation, and engagement increase across various channels and platforms. Experienced in public speaking and also good at teaching executives how to sync into the digital world.

5. Graphic designer’s personal statement

I am an award-winning freelance graphic designer with over 5 years of experience. I have delivered creative and engaging solutions across brand identity, print, packaging, and digital media including having an idea about SEO. My work has featured various publications including a few newsletters.

Some of the tips for writing a great personal statement

A personal statement plays a major role in applying for jobs. It offers an opportunity to convince the reader handling your application that you are an excellent fit for the company you’re applying to.

Some of the tips below will help you ace a perfect statement-

  1. Concentrate on your strength
  2. Manage your time
  3. Proofread your statement
  4. Input your ideas into writing
  5. Show passion while writing
  6. Sell yourself by setting yourself apart from other candidates
  7. Make it very engaging.
  8. Be honest

There are a few things to watch out for while writing your statement which include;

  1. Avoiding grammatical errors and blunders
  2. Do not exaggerate
  3. Do not be negative about yourself or your previous employer.

Personal statements examples

Accountant personal statement sample

I have a consuming interest in the world of business and finance, and I am eager to forge a career in accounting.  My particular interest at the moment is in audit and taxation questions, but all aspects of finance and financial handling appeal to me as challenging, substantial and satisfying areas of professional life.  To be an accountant in the modern world is to enter a realm of opportunity.  The accountant’s role in modern business grows steadily in importance and often leads to management decisions and very significant involvement in the running of an enterprise.  Furthermore, the profession is highly respected and increasingly versatile.  The accountant can provide services for individuals, companies, or governments.  He or she can act as a consultant offering advice on areas such as the design of accounting, the data processing system within an organization, or the choice of controls to safeguard assets.  Forensic accountants oversee bankruptcies and asset liquidation, and management accountants analyze a firm’s financial information and the management of its assets.  The diversity of opportunities in the career presents a very attractive prospect, and I believe that my choice of a degree course and career is based on true and careful consideration and that I have the academic ability and determination to succeed.

I look forward to studying the complex and highly regulated field of accounting systems in a degree course and developing the sort of expert judgement that is essential in the profession.  I need to learn about accounting and auditing standards, such things as UITF abstracts and exposure drafts.  I hope to explore questions of company legislation and the impact of changes in accounting regulations, and I am already fully aware of the weight of responsibility on the accountant’s shoulders, and how essential it is for him to have accurate and up-to-date knowledge.  Ethical standards and the regulatory system will also be central.  On taxation, I am interested in revenue systems and interpretations, recent tax cases, changes in tax law, and developments in specific taxes such as VAT. The possibility of working abroad will of course mean mastering the tax regime of the country in which I am working.  There are also the intriguing issues of the taxation of e-commerce, and the coordination of taxes in an increasingly international trading market. I know that I have much to learn, and I am eager and deeply committed.

I have some work experience that has given me a taste of the commercial world and allowed me to work with money and elementary accounting procedures.  I have worked in retail sales and catering, as well as as an optician.  In all these posts I handled cash, prepared daily account figures, and reports took stock, and carried out basic audits.  I also worked with others, sometimes training them and organising their work rotas. I believe that these jobs have given me a mature sense of responsibility and a realistic awareness of the way that money functions in the economy.

Outside my work and my financial interests, I have several enjoyable pastimes.  I play the piano to grade 4 and enjoy dance and photography.  Travel is one of my great pleasures.

I am the first member of my family to apply to university. I am a hard-working and level-headed individual, with a mature outlook on life and a realistic sense of the scale of the challenges I face in my choice of degree subject, and of the demands as well as the rewards of my planned career. My employment record has shown me to be reliable and diligent, a good team worker but also someone who can work on his initiative.  I am highly motivated and set high standards.  To work as an accountant in a major corporation, or in public service, seems to me to be a very fulfilling and humanly rewarding role to play in the modern world, and I hope you will consider my application.

Adult Nursing Personal Statement Sample-

I have chosen to apply for Adult Nursing as it is the one profession that offers the opportunity to make such a profound difference in the lives of people who truly need and appreciate it. I have researched the job role and requirements for nursing.

 I understand that nursing can be a demanding yet very rewarding profession for dependable, reliable, devoted people who can develop a relationship with patients. I believe that I possess the skill and ability to greatly contribute to the success and stability of healthcare institutions and the mental and physical well-being of patients by helping them at their most vulnerable times.

My main source of inspiration to become a nurse comes from an innate desire to help people and care for them in times of need. I have developed a passion for care as I have been involved in caring for a relative with additional support needs. I spend time with him during the weekend to relieve his guardian and during this period I support and carry out activities with him such as going to the park where I get him to interact with other children his age.

This has greatly improved my communication skills as I had to learn how to use body language to communicate with him. This experience has allowed me to demonstrate personal skills such as patience, understanding, and listening skills, which helped further my desire to study nursing.

With my keen interest in Human Biology, I especially relished studying Physiology and Health. I look forward to enhancing my expertise in Science which in turn will help me when studying nursing. Studying Maths and Computing Science at a Higher level has improved my acute logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, as I have learned to process and interpret information effectively. I am also working towards the Caritas Award which involves volunteering within the local community. Through this, I have demonstrated my ability to work as part of a team to achieve set goals. I am also involved in the school Buddying Scheme where I have been paired with younger students who are struggling in different aspects of life.

Through this, I have been able to demonstrate my leadership skills and interpersonal communication ability, which are skills that will be transferable to nursing. In preparation for university, I participated in the Top-Up Programme to further enhance my study skills to become a successful university student. Also, I work during the weekend in catering for events, where I get to meet and talk to different people from a wide range of backgrounds. I have taken part in the Career Ready programme in S5 and S6, in which I completed a four-week internship during the summer holidays with Glasgow City Council as part of social work services. This involved supporting staff within adult services and necessitated liaising with NHS staff within addiction services.

From my work experience at Glasgow City Council, I developed good teamwork, flexibility, and problem-solving skills. I have had the opportunity to network with people in education, health, social work, and senior managers and to communicate and get involved with professionals at different organisations.

Through this work, I gained an understanding of how different services work in partnership for better and quicker outcomes, such as the integration of health and social services. My career aspiration has been influenced by this, where I’m motivated to improve patients’ safety and effectiveness of treatment by improving their safety and efficiency.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing puzzle games and this has allowed me to develop vital critical thinking skills within a logical context. I am confident of embracing this challenge as I would work to the best of my ability due to my empathetic and caring nature which I believe are important qualities required in nursing.

To conclude, I believe I am well suited to pursuing a career in nursing and will study hard to ensure I am successful in achieving my career goal.


A well-written personal statement can provide you the advantage of eliminating other candidates while applying for a job. We hope the tips we prepared for you on how to write these letters help you during your journey in finding a new job at the startup ecosystem.