How to Write a Professional Follow-up Letter to Get a Startup Job

We know even the thought of an interview can cause sweat… How about sending follow-up emails after one? Well, we researched for you and you have nothing to be worried about! With our templates, you can easily insert your personal information and send the follow-up email right away.

Recruiters are busy people, a normal-paced day is probably them coordinating and organising dozens of candidates to fill the open positions. They are still human, so don’t let your chance slip away. With these follow-up templates, you will be doing the work for them -and that is a perfect way to guarantee your way into the position you have applied for.

Here are our 5 professionally written follow-up templates for you to charm and get the job!

As you see in our examples, there are a few touchpoints that shouldn’t be missed out, such as:

  • Thanking them for their time during the job interview.
  • Explaining that you’re following up on your interview/application – don’t forget to be specific about the job, mentioning the job title and interview/application date.
  • Restating your interest in the position and saying you’re keen to hear about the next steps.
  • Asking for a progress update, and explaining that any information they can provide would be greatly appreciated.

We hope you’ll get the job you wish for, good luck!