Introducing Litta: An On-Demand Rubbish Clearance Service

Introducing Litta, one of the largest recycling services in the market.

We asked Aaron Marc Georgieu, Litta’s founder and CEO,  all about their business, and here he tells more about their success story, how they developed, where they located and grew fast, and more on.

Origin Story & Structure

Georgieu says it first was started as a mobile app then changed in its form of today. They launched a new platform in September, allowing customers to reach service much more quickly and increase growth by about %80. Litta also doesn’t hustle; on the contrary, the company gives personal touches, such as Georgieu himself giving the customer a call and asking if they were satisfied with the service and giving a review,  and those feedbacks embrace recurring points. To deal with customers’ complaints, the most challenging part of the business is time slots and managing expectations. Litta divides management as am/pm slots and describes it as the key tactic for a satisfactory customer experience.

This is not the first company that Aaron Marc Georgieu has. He has another fitness app. It gave him a broad aspect of running a team, team structure, and a consulting experience previously. One of his partners is from a banking background, and the management team consists of 6 people. What Litta aims for is they will have suppliers on a partner basis in 2 years. The business is planning to grow in Australia and America in an expanding business model. Litta is resisting investment, for now, to get it at the right point, not like bootstrapped but reaching an organic growth.

Litta Startup

Finding the Right People & Approach

The approach to building the right company culture is engaging with a good community. People in the team are great and accommodating. In managing customers expectations, the company first thinks about what it is gonna cost. So at this point, working with the right partners is a must and to make sure they’re fully in it. The founder believes that eagerness and willingness to solve customer problems are essential in management and leadership, absolutely when the business should be available 24/7. Because at the end of the day, customer-centric, on-demand businesses need to run like this. Getting stuff done is making changes and making more of what you need to do.  As Marc shares, the business needs to present 10 different options for everything because people might not like them.

In Aaron Marc Georgeieu’s growth curve personal, the fundamental thing is perseverance. Being decisive and taking steps is very important when you need to. Repetition and doing something repeatedly until it becomes its best version has to be the main point of view when you are an entrepreneur.