Is It Possible to Build an ERP with No-code?with Alex Bakman, Founder & CEO of Snappii [Podcast #69]

This week’s episode of the SOL Podcast features Snappii’s Founder and CEO, Alex Bakman. In an everchanging world, things continuously evolve. And as such, digital products change, too. So do the ways we create them. With years of experience and many achievements under his belt, Alex generously shared his business wisdom with us. Together, we discussed the role no-code plays in the fast-changing world of technology. 

As a cloud-based platform, Snappii offers online mobile app building for individuals and companies. Through Snappii, users can easily and quickly build their own custom apps without having to write any codes. Whether you choose to build on your own or have Snappii’s developers help you, is entirely up to you. Their method is to enable you to create an app by simply dragging, dropping and configuring, requiring no code whatsoever. It allows months of development to be compressed down to days.

How Does No-Code Transform Business Life?

We began our chat by exchanging views about the differences in business life and work-life balance between then and now. The conversation touched on topics like job security, mobility, and work ethic. Alex pointed out the distinct contrasts in the workforce between his IBM days and the post-pandemic era. How did the melting of boundaries between work and life affect the people?

We know that change is inevitable. But how has the no-code transformed the tech industry over the last few years? And where does Snappii fit into the equation? We asked Alex how he discovered a need for a business like Snappii and the ways he validated it. He explained how his own experiences influenced this process. We also talked about the variety of industries that uses Snappii.

Honesty, integrity and trust stand at the core of a successful business, says Alex. Therefore, we also discussed his take on business management, executive responsibilities, building structures, as well as key points to consider when building a team in today’s environment.

You can also catch tips on how to find a good product-market fit, the importance of balance between intuition and validation and how to turn an idea into a quality business. Listen to our chat with Alex to find out more about what it takes to build a thriving tech company and what is productive and counter-productive on the journey to success.