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London Is (still?) a Great Startup Hub, But…

London is (still?) a great startup hub, but… for the last six months, we have been touring the London startup ecosystem. Interviewing different people, visiting the offices of many influential startups to understand what it is like to build a business here in London, known as Europe’s number one startup capital. It has its own set of challenges. It can be extremely competitive not just in terms of real estate but also in terms of talent. Now, you will see different excerpts from different perspectives.

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For all the virtues it has, London’s networks can feel as closed in protective systems from time to time. As an individual, London will welcome you with open arms. It is remarkably diverse and incredibly open to working with people with different experiences and backgrounds. As a business, however, the story can be quite different. Credibility, security, stability. These are the keywords people rate businesses upon. So, it might take time to get established here in this incredibly competitive ecosystem.

The key takeaway here is that London has so much going for it regarding availability of funding, availability of talent and, even with the time zone, it is a great hub for building an international base of operations. But, on the other hand, this competitive nature can be quite daunting for businesses entrepreneurs and individuals, whether it is the right place for you to build a startup and be or build a business that entirely depends upon you. Hope this was useful to you; see you in the next one!

London is (still?) a Great Startup Hub, but...

How to survive Covid-19 as a startup?

As we all know, Covid-19 affected London’s startups in direct and indirect ways, and it has permanently changed the landscape for London’s technology businesses like the rest of the world. So we are interviewing key people of the startup ecosystem to ask them about their challenges and survival strategies in this hard time.

We hope that this interview series will be helpful and insightful for other startups in London out there. Because we believe that the most important thing is to learn from each other and be helpful to others, within this direction, you are welcomed to the second episode of our “Vignettes” series. You can reach all of them from here.

Also, you can find the full interviews in our “How to Survive Covid-19 as a Startup?” interview series. You can reach all of them from our Covid-19 Interviews YouTube playlist.

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