London Startups Are Augmenting the Global Advertising Landscape

“London Startups are Augmenting the Global Advertising Landscape” by Glen Dormieux, Co-founder of Playrcart

In the last decade, companies globally have been increasingly relying on fewer technological solutions to advertise their products online, ageing methods mostly centred around the use of cookies, which are extremely reliant on third-party data to push targeted adverts to users based on their browsing habits.

Digital Advertising as We Know Is About to Change

To make matters more complicated for brands and businesses looking to boost their sales online, consumers have long been losing trust in how digital marketers use their data, with millions of users worldwide increasingly aware of misleading one-click designs and popups or actively opting out from having companies track their behaviour online. 

And that’s not all, companies relying on behavioural tracking and the retargeting of users with the same product ads multiple times based on their browsing data, are also being met by stricter laws from governments, pushing for more privacy online through reform and legislation, such as the GDPR in Europe, and privacy-centric updates of smartphones and web browsers from the likes of tech companies like Apple and Google.

With all of this information available and the incremental steps were taken toward a cookieless world, it is apparent that a revolution is well on the way for the digital advertising sector, providing an opportunity for Startups across London to be at the centre of this shift.

London AdTechs Can Spearhead Global Change

The future of digital advertising is changing from its foundations up, and first-person data will start to play a much grander role in how organisations advertise and sell products online. This has provided AdTech startups across London with a great opportunity to create technological solutions that belong in a rapidly evolving digital landscape in an age where people are spending more time online than ever before. 

The ability for startups to better operate in an agile and goal-oriented manner has already allowed for a rich pool of tech solutions to be produced across sectors, boosting ROI for businesses everywhere, reducing costs and remaining futureproof. The digital advertising industry is in no way exempt from this, and AdTechs across London have already been hard at work to create software fit to thrive in a global market that continuously updates and changes. 

Businesses and organisations aware of the impending changes looking to remain relevant, grow their online market share and entrust AdTechs in the city with that all-important task. With each new headline published on the digital privacy legislations and the cookieless world, digital marketing and advertising teams across the world are realising that the time for change is now. 

This search for new solutions has allowed the best of the best in London AdTech Startups to develop the highest quality software possible and to become key players in a global market geared toward transparency, and already worth £275,68 billion, London AdTechs have built and will continue to develop technology that is agile toward legislation changes, simple to be integrated on as many digital platforms as possible, and works with the user, to make their experience as relevant, authentic, personal, clear and informed as possible.

About the Author

Glen Dormieux

Glen Dormieux is the Co-founder and CEO of Playrcart, a London-based AdTech company behind the multi-award winning video-commerce platform that transforms any advertising or marketing asset into an instantly transactional storefront. Before launching Playrcart, Glen ran a digital creative and marketing agency working with some of the largest entertainment companies in music and film. Named Global Top 50 SaaS Start Up’s & People to Watch. Real Business Future 50. 101 Tech Start Up Rising Stars.