Mentoring Made Easy and Accessible by PushFar

Starting a business has requirements beyond just a good idea and courage. You need to be prepared both physically and mentally for the challenges you will face, maintain your resistance, and do not hesitate to get the necessary support in difficult moments. For this, it is important to work with experienced mentors to face the challenges on your business journey. Here comes PushFar into the picture. PushFar is a global mentoring platform, for both individuals and organisations. They offer an open and free network for individuals at all stages in their career to find mentors, volunteer to mentor others (or do both), and network with like-minded people. Their solution for organisations of all sizes includes mentoring software to facilitate the management of internal mentoring programs. Their open network has over 50,000 mentors and mentees, and they now work with hundreds of organisations globally to run their internal mentoring programs.

Get a Mentor or Be a Mentor

If you look for a quick, easy, and effective way to find mentors or volunteer to mentor others and manage mentoring relationships as an individual, PushFar’s platform helps you both in finding mentoring relationships and managing them. You can set goals, schedule and host video calls, as well as viewing and networking with other mentors and mentees.

Make Your Mentoring Programs More Effective

Even though some of the larger organisations offer in-house mentoring for their employees, PushFar might help them to solve the most crucial pain points, typically associated with running internal mentoring programs. Some of the most problematic aspects of internal mentoring programs are matching, management, and reporting processes that take place with email exchanges and complex matching spreadsheets. With PushFar, the entire process is automated to streamline the administrative work whilst helping mentoring individuals to make the most of their mentoring relationships.

PushFar EdTech Startup Logo

Founded by Ed Johnson and Gabriel Sirbu, PushFar managed to get a total of £400K in two Seed Funding rounds. It’s a profitable startup now with a seven people team, including the founders.

PushFar’s primary aims are to make mentoring more accessible and effective globally. For individuals looking to get involved, find a mentor or mentor others. They can join free at If organisations are looking to run mentoring programs, they can find out more about our mentoring software solutions on their website.