Minderful Is a New Mental Fitness Startup

A few months back, we sat down with the 3 founders of Doolally for a sincere chat about mental health and fitness; they are now launching with a fresh rebrand. Meet Minderful. We think it is worth a look.

Three friends started Minderful with very different experiences of mental fitness.

After wrestling with bipolar throughout their twenties, Nick and James learned the hard way that optimising their mental fitness had a hugely positive impact on their lives. Through trial and error, James found that keeping himself busy was the way to go, while Nick embarked on a journey to help others by becoming a doctor and specialising in mental health.

Meanwhile, Ed worked for years in a corporate environment and saw countless friends and colleagues suffer from burnout. Even though he’d never experienced it himself, he sometimes found it tough to relax and find enjoyable things to do on weekends.

They eventually got talking and agreed that mental fitness should be a priority for all. Their joint experience, paired with a desire to help, made them want to do something that would make mental fitness accessible to everyone. So they created Minderful.

For more, don’t forget to visit minderful.com.