Jamie Barber’s Startup MySupperHero Delivers Restaurant Quality Home Cooking Experiences [Podcast #80]

This week on the SOL Podcast, we are bringing you a delicious episode with Jamie Barber, Co-Founder of MySupperHero. With years of experience in the restaurant industry under his belt combined with his previous career as an entertainment lawyer, our conversation involves a lot of fine points for entrepreneurs who are looking to go into the startup world.

Headquartered in London, MySupperHero was founded by Mylene Klass and Jamie Barber. It was built on the idea that people don’t necessarily have to order uninspiring take-out food in order to be quick and efficient with meals. Klass and Barber wanted to provide people with the option to experience restaurant-quality food at home without worrying about waste and the origin of the materials. And they have been doing so successfully since 2021.

How to Innovate an Already Booming Industry

The food delivery industry has been growing exponentially, especially during the lockdowns. So, we started our conversation by asking what kind of an opportunity the co-founders saw in the market and started MySupperHero. Then, we explored how MSH differentiates itself from other similar services and their competitors, which are delivery apps and meal boxes. What does MSH offer that others don’t?

Jamie Barber has a colourful background. Starting from entertainment law, he made a pivot in his career at the age of 27 and went into the restaurant business. Do you want to know what sets James apart from other potential founders? How does his past experience provide him with advantages? But also, what kind of disadvantages does he have compared to others who are more tech-savvy?

After that, we discussed where MySupperHero is at the moment as a business. What have they achieved so far? How fast or slowly they are taking things as they are planning to grow? We, then, asked James how they gather feedback from their customers. He generously explained some of the alternative ways he utilises in communicating with their early-stage customers and what he does with their feedback.

MySupperHero Delivers Sustainability to Your Plate

You may also be glad to know that MySupperHero is a B Corp company, which brought us to the topic of sustainability. We talked with James about what they are doing on the matter and he explained how they handle their packaging and suppliers at MSH.

And whilst we were coming to an end, we asked Jamie whether he conducted research to pinpoint the market size for what they are offering. For founders in his position who have a firm grasp on their targeted customer, it all comes down to creating awareness and explaining what they are really proposing. James had a lot to share with us as a seasoned entrepreneur. If you want to know what more we chatted about, you can listen to the episode above.

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