Optdcom for Start-Ups: A New Initiative for Web and App Analytics Tracking

In August 2021, Opt.d.com announced a new initiative for startups and small scale businesses in the UK. Aiming to meet the needs of startups and their pain points, they have created special SEO packages to support their online growth journey with well-tailored strategies. 

Recently, they have expanded their services to Web and App Analytics Tracking as well so that startups and small businesses can have a complete strategy covering all the essentials. 

Here you can read more about their approach: 

Opt.d.com’s LOP Guidelines

The team at Opt.d.com use their expertise for their potential partners’ advantage, by establishing a unique and effective digital measurement strategy for their business. The team’s reinforced approach is managed according to Opt.d.com’s Level of Perfection Guidelines.

Optdcom Digital Analytics Introduction

Creating the right measurement strategy

Opt.d.com Team believe in Peter Drucker’s quote “What get’s measured, get’s managed.” and identify companies’ Key Performance Indicators that are relevant for making successful day to day business decisions. A right measurement plan for digital tracking needs is developed in cooperation with client’s teams. According to this plan, they implement a superior Google Tag Manager dataLayer structure designed individually for their clients’ businesses. Their tagging strategy is shaped through Google’s Enhanced E-commerce guidelines and guarantees 100% tracking of their customers’ entire shopping journey.

Investments in Customer Retention

Customer retention means a lot to any company and their partner agency. With rich Analytics tracking startups will be able to understand their visitors’ overall experience and can reshape their digital presence according to their customers’ needs.

Addressing New Audiences

Enriched tracking also opens a new perspective of remarketing: with audiences and custom segments for reaching potential customers and buyers.

Optdcom for Start-Ups: A New Initiative for Web and App Analytics Tracking

GA4: Meet the next generation of Analytics

Since GA4 has been announced back in November 2020, Google recommends digital businesses to start tracking data in GA4 properties. Google has officially announced to deprecate Universal Analytics in July 2023. It becomes more and more critical to collect data in GA4, in order to get historical data for analysis.

Feel free to contact Opt.d.com for building your transition plan for GA4 and create well considered strategy for your tracking journey.

About Opt.d.com

Opt.d.com is a Martech company located in Turkey and London, with various services such as Digital Analytics & Optimization, SEO, Performance Marketing and Business Strategy.  The agency has 10 years + experience in the field of Data and Analytics, working with more than 20 clients in Turkey.


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