Pedal to Progress: Top 6 Cycling Apps in the UK

Cycling has pedalled its way into the hearts of many in the United Kingdom, fuelled by a collective desire for fitness, eco-friendly transportation, and exploration. As the cycling community continues to grow, so does the landscape of cycling technology, offering riders a plethora of digital tools to enhance their experiences and track their progress. In this article, we explore the must-have cycling apps for enthusiasts in the UK, each offering unique features to elevate your cycling adventures.

Komoot: This versatile app offers detailed route planning tools, including turn-by-turn navigation and offline maps, making it ideal for discovering new trails and bikepacking adventures. With Komoot, you can customise your routes based on terrain, difficulty, and points of interest, ensuring an unforgettable cycling experience every time.

Cyclemeter: From customisable training plans and interval workouts to detailed ride analysis and performance graphs, Cyclemeter equips cyclists with the tools they need to reach their goals and improve their performance. The app also supports external sensors for tracking additional metrics like heart rate and cadence, ensuring a comprehensive training experience.

CycleStreets: CycleStreets, helps cyclists plan their routes, avoid busy roads, and discover cycle-friendly paths and lanes. The app also provides real-time information on bike shops, repair stations, and points of interest along your route, making it an essential companion for cyclists navigating urban environments.

TrainingPeaks: TrainingPeaks having performance metrics and analytics tools provide valuable insights into your fitness levels and training adaptations, helping you optimise your training and achieve peak performance on the bike.

Fill That Hole: Cycling UK’s Fill That Hole app empowers cyclists to contribute to safer cycling infrastructure across the UK. With this app, cyclists can report potholes, road defects, and other hazards directly to local authorities for repair. By identifying and addressing road hazards, it enhances cyclist safety and promotes the development of bike-friendly roads and pathways.

Strava: Strava remains one of the most popular cycling apps in the UK. With its intuitive interface and robust features, Strava allows users to track their rides, analyse performance metrics, and compete with friends and fellow cyclists on segment leaderboards. Whether you’re tackling challenging climbs or cruising along scenic routes, Strava keeps you motivated and connected to the cycling community.


With their user-friendly interfaces and diverse features, these apps empower cyclists to enhance their experiences, achieve their goals, and contribute to the vibrant cycling community in the UK. So gear up, download your preferred app, and let the adventures unfold as you pedal your way to new heights of exploration and enjoyment on two wheels.