Post-Truth and Avoiding It with Antony Cousins, CEO of Factmata

In this episode of The SOL Podcast, our guest is Anthony Cousins, CEO of Factmata. He explains their mission to minimize the effects of harmful content with the help of Factmata’s narrative monitoring.

It is absolutely normal if you feel like you have no control over the internet. We can curate the media we consume to some degree. However, it is not always in our power to filter true from false, real from fake, good from harmful content. In this sense, Factmata has opened a new chapter in social media listening and media monitoring.

We asked how Anthony’s past experiences aided his career and his impact on the team as the new CEO. Other subjects we discussed include the influence of monetization and commercialization in changing the functions of the internet, the power of lies and propaganda. Our main focus is on the impact of all sorts of harmful content on the internet.

What is Factmata’s Vision?

Anthony explains their vision clearly: creating an internet that is more transparent and more trustworthy. He specifies in which ways Factmata differs from other media monitoring systems and their role in keeping the ecosystem safe. You can also learn how they noticeably cut down time and cost and the tools and technologies they use. Also, what they focus on during the process of identifying harmful (as well as positive) narratives.

Scroll below and listen to our podcast to find out what exactly the benefits of Factmata’s Narrative Monitoring technology are. If you are an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you can also catch some of the tips Anthony graciously shares. You can get an idea about the ways you can start your journey in London’s startup ecosystem, from what kind of people you need to connect with to what some of the things an entrepreneur can utilise while trying to do so.