Preparing Your Business Fleet Tyres for Winter

As winter has arrived and the rules for fleet safety keep changing with the weather, here are some winter tyre safety tips to ensure that your vehicle is safe and well prepared for travelling. Preparing your tyres for winter is as essential as having commercial motor insurance if you have a company car or fleet.

Always Travel With Proper Tyre Pressure

Estimates suggest that a significant number of accidents in the UK involve at least one person driving for work. Whilst it may not always be your fault, keeping in mind your fleet car tyre safety measures is a must to avoid any fatal incident.

A quick check of your tyre pressure, for instance, can save you from a lot of regular interruptions. Properly inflated tyres offer better rolling resistance, better grip on icy winter roads, and improved fuel efficiency—just what you need while you’re driving on the highway. Therefore, do get your tyre pressure checked from your local garage before embarking upon a long journey and make sure that your fleet’s tyres are set to the correct levels. Also, ensure that you follow the company vehicle’s owner manual to know the optimum tyre pressure suitable for your specific tyres.

Check Your Wheel Alignment

Your company’s vehicle often can fall out of alignment for multiple reasons, such as hitting a pothole, bumping into a curb, or going too fast on a speed bump. Misaligned wheels can seriously affect a tyre’s performance; it can also cause uneven tyre wear, which ultimately results in a sudden tyre burst. Therefore, have your wheel alignment checked by nearby professionals before you set out for work.

Punctured Tyre

Look Out for Tyre Bulges or Punctures

When your company vehicle is at the office car park, make sure to carry out a visual inspection yourself. Observe closely and look out for any cuts, bulges or punctures specifically in tyres’ sidewalls. If you notice any, make sure to send that vehicle to a professional for a thorough tyre inspection. Driving along with punctures on a highway can prove to be fatal as in the worst-case scenario, it could also result in a tyre blowout. 

Another road safety measure is to keep a spare tyre. If you don’t have one, make sure to purchase it before taking off. You can buy cheap tyres online at Dartford Tyres and benefit from their fast delivery even during the holiday season.  And if your company car is driving along with one, then do remember to check its condition and make sure it’s safe to use in case of any unexpected road emergency. 

As much as we are looking forward to reaching our destination, remember to advise your company driver to maintain good driving habits and take regular breaks. Also, make sure to keep a check on your company’s car tyres every once in a while yourself just in case your company driver has been neglecting it.

We are wishing you a safe and memorable journey!