Presenting the New Era in Employee Experience with Chris Priebe, Founder of Zelt [Podcast #71]

“Employees are the backbone of what you build and what you can offer in the first place,” says our guest in this episode, Chris Priebe, Founder of Zelt. “Because it’s the engineers that build your product. It’s the salespeople that get your customers in the first place. And it’s the operations people that try to keep everything together”. Improving employee experience can be of great benefit to your company.

Zelt can be the main ingredient you are looking for to provide a good employee experience. It is an HR software that does a lot more than just store information, that allows people to handle all processes and applications in one place. Zelt is “[f]ully digital, integrated, and automated”. From payroll to time off approval, to company emails and pension contributions, you can access it all.

How Does Zelt Impact Employee Experience?

Creating practical tools for companies is a competitive business. We started our chat by asking Chris how he decided there was a user need that wasn’t currently being met in the market. We discussed the changing dynamic between employers and employees as well as the transformation of work itself. Chris explained where Zelt fits into this new equation and for which needs it provides a solution.

Later, we focused on Zelt’s growth journey as a startup. Where are they now and what are they hoping to achieve? In what ways does Zelt distinguish itself from existing tools for project management, cloud content hosting, and other services available on the market that already benefit employee experience? Further, we inquired about the funding they received, their current team, and their costs. What is their stance on profitability?

As a business owner yourself, you may be wondering: I have the perfect product but no idea how to find customers. No worries. Chris also shared their plans on how to increase customer acquisition. He also gave highly valuable insights about decision-making and how to integrate your network into the process. Moreover, if you also like to know if they are recruiting and what they value in an ideal team member, you can listen to our chat above.