Ralston’s Guide for Creating Financial Confidence for Your Business

Join Ralston’s Creating Financial Confidence webinar on creating a financial plan to hire faster, stress less about cash flow and understand your business performance. Discover how to make more decisive decisions with a helpful framework for more effective financial planning. Ralston’s co-founder and CEO will show you how to do everything from creating goal-orientated teams to effectively tracking business performance. No matter what stage you are on your business journey, you’re invited to attend this webinar and uncover the secrets of building financial confidence with Ralston.

What will I learn?

  • How to apply the financial forecast bullseye to accelerate business growth
  • The benefits of using Ralston’s financial model to scale your startup
  • Five top tips for effective financial budgeting
  • Common financial budgeting myths and how to bust them
  • Tactics for overcoming your financial crutch

Who should Attend?

Seed – Series B founders, startups, pitch-ready entrepreneurs and finance managers.

What Will I Leave With?

All webinar attendees will get a financial modelling template which is carefully designed to help startups navigate through these challenging times. Ralston has developed a practical financial model for founders to hire faster, stress less about cash flow and understand business performance. Use this resource to learn how to become more decisive, align your team to your business goals and track your performance with this tried and tested financial methodology. If that wasn’t enough, attendees will also get the chance to arrange a free 15 min consultation with the CEO and co-founder Kyle Brennan to discuss their financial objectives.

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About The Host

This webinar will be led by Kyle Brennan, CEO and co-founder of Ralston. With over a decade of experience in the financial sector, Kyle has advised several series B founders on making better financial decisions. His expertise has seen him support over 20 funding rounds and one exit in the capacity of CFO, COO, co-founder or advisor at several high growth startups.