Startup Glossary: Blitzscaling

Having a killer product, a clear and sizable market, and a strong distribution network allows a firm to “scale up” and change the lives of millions, if not billions, of people. How do small businesses grow into large ones? In a nutshell, by swarming.

There are two parts to the term “blitzscaling”: The overall framework and the tactics corporations use to reach a tremendous size at an unbelievable rate. If your company’s growth is outpacing your peers at a rate that makes you nervous, get on tight because you may be blitzscaling!

What is Blitzscaling?

A blitzscaling strategy is used when a company has to expand rapidly. Building a firm quickly so that it can serve an enormous and usually worldwide market and be the first mover at scale is a science and an art.

Entrepreneurship that has a big impact is what this is all about. These corporations are always responsible for creating a large number of new employment and sectors. Amazon, for example, is widely considered to be the father of e-commerce. It now employs more than 150,000 people and has spawned countless jobs for Amazon merchants and partners. Google’s AdWords and AdSense partners have spawned tens of thousands of additional employment as a result of their partnership with the search engine.

Reid hoffman Blitzscaling 

One of Silicon Valley’s elders, Reid Hoffman, is the CEO of Linkedin. It was in 2002 that he co-founded LinkedIn, which has made him a multi-billionaire. He was one of the first investors in Facebook and is currently a partner at Greylock Partners. Two books have been authored by him, The Start-Up of You and The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age (with Casnocha and Chris Yeh).

With John Lilly (a Greylock partner and former Mozilla CEO), Allen Blue (co-founder of LinkedIn), and Chris Yeh (a Stanford University computer science graduate), Hoffman began teaching a seminar called Technology-Enabled Blitzscaling in the fall of 2015. (co-founder of Allied Talent). Hoffman discusses the benefits, risks, and rewards of blitzscaling in this book.

Chris Yeh Blitzscaling

Chris and Reid Hoffman wrote the best-selling book “Blitzscaling: The Lightning-fast Path to Building Massively Valuable Companies” together. He’s a venture capitalist and entrepreneur who’s done it all.

You’ll learn why Chris Yeh thinks that firms are collections of units that operate at different stages of their lifespan, and why rolling dice is the appropriate innovation metaphor.

Learn what Chris Yeh thinks about blitzscaling.

Blitzscaling Summary

Blitzscaling is a strategy utilised by some of today’s most valuable firms to quickly grow from start-ups to global conglomerates, gaining enormous market share, explosive revenue growth, and tremendous profit margins. This is the blitzscaling summary. 

Blitzscaling Stages

Blitzscaling stages consist of these stages:

Stages 1 through 5: Family, Tribe, Village, City, and Nation.

Scaling up a firm is a major aspect of establishing the company’s “stage” of growth, as the number of personnel is the most evident change. Now, moving between stages is like playing a game of strategy…

As you go through the game’s stages, the rules of management, recruitment, and the structure required for the organisation all change. If you’ve already progressed from stage #1 to stage #2 using the same method, you won’t be able to do the same thing when you move on to stage #3.


Linkedin co-founder Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh wrote the book Blitzscaling, which is a business idea and a book. When it comes down to it, Blitzscaling is all about outpacing your competition in terms of growth rate. When faced with uncertainty, Blitzscaling business model prioritises speed over efficiency to get things done as quickly as possible.