Startup Glossary: Business Model Canvas

On a single piece of paper, could you enumerate all of the essential components required to create, manage, maintain, promote, and sell a product? The answer is yes, thanks to the business model canvas! An excellent technique to focus on your product’s most strategic aspects is to use the business model canvas methodology in conjunction with it. This tool is typically used to explain the core building pieces of a firm, as its name implies, but it can also work exceptionally well for a product.

The purpose of this lesson is to teach you how to create a high-level product strategy using the business model canvas.

What is a Business Model Canvas?

A business model canvas is a one-page overview of the high-level strategic details needed to get a firm (or product) successfully to market, as seen in the sample business model canvas example here.  Here is the answer to “what is a business model canvas?”

There are various examples of a business model canvas template on the internet as well.

Business Model Canvas Examples

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The Business Model of the Ghost Kitchen

The hotel industry is not exempt from the recent trend toward the adoption of technological advancements in company operations by small businesses and large enterprises. Customers may now easily locate and use service providers thanks to the internet and software applications.

The Business Model Canvas for Opendoor

An easy-to-use digital real estate marketplace, Opendoor purchases, sells and swaps residences. Profitable resale of homes acquired by Opendoor is key to its business plan. A sales commission paid by the home seller and interest on mortgage loans is the company’s primary sources of revenue.

The Business Model for Home Depot's

As a home improvement retailer with over 2,300 physical locations across North America and a sizable online presence, Home Depot’s business model revolves around the sale of tools, construction materials, appliances, and other related services.

Key Resources Business Model Canvas

Key resources business model canvas for a business to function efficiently, the canvas is the primary inputs and assets. For instance;

Using the Canvas Properly

This is the business plan Using canvas, everyone can talk about their business models and see how they may be improved. Value creation, value delivery, and value capture are all addressed in this document.

What to do Before Creating a Business Model Canvas?

Competitors can teach you a lot. Pick a few rivals and create a business model map for them. What clients desire and what they’re willing to pay for will be well-understood with the use of this information. A better understanding of the industry as a whole will help you better serve clients. You’ll also learn how other businesses, perhaps even very successful businesses, have carved out their niches in the market.


The business model canvas is an excellent resource for gaining a clear picture of a company’s business model. Use this canvas to learn more about your clients, the value propositions you give, and how your business makes money. Use the business model canvas to learn about your own or a competitor’s company model!