Support the Causes You Care About the Most with Toucan App

Maybe you’ve heard of a company called Toucan before. One might be the edtech startup that helps people to learn and practice languages, the other, a video-first social platform; both based in the US. This one is London-based, brand new, and serves a charitable cause -literally. Toucan is a fintech company, but not the usual kind. It offers a flexible and fulfilling way to help the causes you care about the most. You can discover over 20,000 charities and see who, how, and where they help. Then create a portfolio of up to three charities and split a monthly donation between them.

What is the Purpose of Toucan?

Founded by Matthew Crate, CEO, David King, Director, John Barrett, COO, and Melody Truong, Head of Product/UX, Toucan managed to raise £800K at a Seed Round closed in May 2021. With four founders Toucan is a team of eight who are trying to spread the good.

Matthew Crate sums up why they founded Toucan with these words:

“In 2017 Millennials became the largest generational giving group, yet cash was still the most common method of donation.

I saw that the sector was lacking digital innovation, and I wanted to design a product that would help charities receive regular, recurring donations and that would also engage and resonate with younger generations.

In recent years we have seen the power that movements can have when communities stand behind what they believe in and use digital platforms to accelerate their impact. Toucan will mobilise communities by connecting emotions to causes and enabling donors to make a public statement about who they are, and what they stand for.

Everything we do at Toucan is centred around our belief that giving should be fun, flexible, and accessible for all.”

How to Donate in a Cashless Society?

Millennials are now the largest giving group, accounting for 30% of all charitable donations in the UK. They have a strong desire to do good and want to support multiple causes. Cash is still the most common method of donation but as we rapidly head towards a cashless society and with Millennials wanting to give via mobile devices there is a need to modernise the giving sector.

Users can filter organisations by size, causes like animals, human rights, and education; or look for charities close to them. The app gives them the ability to support charities in long term or switch their donations each month.

The app will only send the data that users consent to, so users can have as much contact with the charities as they want. The impact tab allows users to track their effect on the charities they donated, see which causes they’ve helped, and set annual giving goals. Then show the world what they stand for and support the charities even more by sharing on social media.

Toucan is for people who believe that generosity matters and believe that their actions, no matter the size, are a force for good. It creates a community of givers to amplify the work done by charities and builds a world where giving is second nature.

You can join the waiting list by clicking here and start giving after the app’s launch.