The Future of EdTech – How Startups are Revolutionizing Education

When we look at the education sector and the changes it went through just in the past decade, we can clearly see that it’s transformed completely. Gone are the days of writing on blackboards and teaching your students the old-fashioned way. Today, we’re witnessing new-age teaching and learning, and it’s all thanks to the incredibly fast growth of new technologies and their application in education.

EdTech (education technology) has further been boosted by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people need education to be available online and digitally. This only started the revolution that we’re a part of today. Startups in the EdTech sector are changing the face of education forever- and we’ll show you how. Keep reading to learn about future predictions for EdTech.

What is EdTech?

Education technology or EdTech is the process of including and actively using technology in education- whether you’re a teacher, student, or administrator. It is also the term we use to name all the technologies, software, digital tools, and apps that are used in this process.

In 2022, the global EdTech market size was valued at USD 123.40 billion and was expected to grow by 13.6% by 2030. These predictions support the claims that EdTech is extremely beneficial and important for today’s education. In fact, it’s crucial for global education development and positive changes.

So, what are the main benefits of using EdTech in all domains of the education sector? Here are just some of the most important ones:

  • helps students acquire knowledge faster and easier
  • improves the learning process
  • helps every individual student progress
  • makes education globally available 
  • increases the global resource database

Simply put, EdTech is building a new and bright future for everyone involved in education.

How Are EdTech Startups Shaping the Future of Education

With EdTech being so important, it’s no wonder there are so many startups in this sector, offering new ideas, tools, and solutions and setting new education trends. Below, we’ll break down the latest trends and ideas offered by EdTech startups that are paving the way for a better education.

Smart Test Generators

Smart Test Generators

Numerous EdTech startups are focused on making teachers’ lives easier. The goal is to help teachers spend more time teaching and less time doing administrative work made up of repetitive tasks.

This is why today, there are AI-powered smart test generators that can create question papers, exam questions, and tests within seconds. The teacher only needs to upload the study materials. Naturally, the teacher gets to modify and edit the paper until it’s ready to be handed out to students.

Tools such as these are helping teachers on so many levels:

  • save time doing administrative work
  • focus more on the students and the lessons
  • provide quality papers in different shapes and forms

These tests come proofread, error-free, and fully reliable. It’s almost like you’ve had a professional writer from GrabMyEssay put the test together. That’s how much AI and ML have improved over the years. Both the teachers and the students benefit from these innovative tools.



Playing games to learn better sounds like something only kids would do. However, gamification is one of the most popular trends in education across all generations. From elementary school through college and on to adult learners looking for additional education- gamification works for everyone.

EdTech startups focusing on gamification point out that engagement is the key to successful learning. Companies such as Matific, Byju, or DuoLingo understand that students need more than just one-way information intake.

This is why today we get to see the emergence of study apps, flashcard makers, education aid generators, education competitions, classroom game tournaments, and more.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality

Learning through practical work is the most effective form of learning. But, not everyone can have practical experience while still in the process of learning. For instance, a translator in the making cannot get a job at one of the language translation services before they master this skill. Luckily, VR offers a fully realistic learning experience.

Startups such as Neo Bear, zSpace, Mursions, or PlayShifu focus on providing students with practical learning experiences through simulations and VR learning environments.

This means that a surgeon can perform a complicated procedure repeatedly or that a child can learn about the Egyptian pyramids by walking through Giza. Either way, they receive a real-life experience that sticks with them and helps prepare them for future endeavors.

These tools are used for training employees as well as helping them acquire new skills or practice using new tools and technologies.

Online Learning

Online Learning

Even before the huge expansion in the EdTech sector, online learning was available and somewhat popular. But, during and after the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, startups offering online learning courses, coaching, certificates, and programs took a sudden turn for the better and started growing rapidly.

Today, companies such as Board Infinity or Cluey are providing different types of online learning help and have thousands of students using their resources.

This means that to acquire education, learn a new skill, or improve your school performance, all you have to do is find the most suitable online platform or app that can help.

You’ll find:

  • programs for mastering specific skills
  • career-seeking help
  • coaches and tutors
  • personalized learning journey
  • upskill opportunities of all kinds

This breaks all barriers in education and enables students from all over the globe to seize the opportunities they’ve been given and acquire knowledge wherever they are.

Final Thoughts

The future of EdTech is looking bright, with so many innovative, successful, and powerful startups taking the lead as we speak. Not only are there new technologies and tools that both students and teachers can use, but there’s also a change in the mindset of everyone included. We no longer see education as something limited, monotonous, and final.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you understand how startups are revolutionizing education and why it’s fun and exciting to be a part of the education sector today.

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