The Future of Edutainment – How Brands are Creating Engaging Learning Experiences

The norms in education that we’ve known and lived by in the past decade are changing completely. With the introduction of EdTech (education technology) and innovation in every segment of teaching, studying, and learning, we’re witnessing a whole new era for education. This is only natural since the world is changing rapidly as well, and we need to find a way to adapt and rise above.

This is exactly why edutainment is becoming more and more popular as an education model. Below, we’ll discuss what it is and what are the predictions for edutainment in the years ahead.

The Future of Edutainment

What is Edutainment?

Edutainment is a coined term- a combination of education and entertainment – representing a somewhat innovative teaching and studying method. Simply put, it’s a method of making lessons and learning materials both educational and fun.

Edutainment relies on different tools, resources, and aid. Educators can choose the combination they prefer for each lesson and make the most out of every hour spent with the students. Those aids include:

  • videos
  • video games
  • digital toys
  • interactive boards
  • digital media
  • board games
  • music

The goal is to present the lesson materials in a way that is memorable and easy to understand.

Benefits of Edutainment in the Classroom

Edutainment has proved to be a must-have educational model not only in schools but for business learning and professional upskilling as well. Below, we’ll break down some of the most admirable benefits of edutainment.

Student Motivation & Engagement

The number one benefit of choosing edutainment as a primary teaching method is the increase in student motivation and engagement that you’re bound to see.  Surveys have shown that 67% of students find gamified teaching to be helping them stay actively engaged.

Improved Memory

If the lesson is presented in a way that keeps the students alert and active, their memory of the lesson is also bound to improve. They’re more focused on the lesson and less distracted by the factors that typically influence their learning experience.

Saving Time

Traditional courses, in which the teacher does most of the talking, require the students to go over the materials once again on their own, or even multiple times. But, with edutainment-based lessons, the information sticks with the student in the initial stage, so they save time on studying later on.

What is The Future of Edutainment

Edutainment is clearly beneficial and powerful as a teaching method, but what is the situation with it actually being used? And what can we expect to see in the future?

Luckily for today’s teachers and students, the EdTech world has recognized the huge potential of edutainment. EdTech startups and companies are working on or investing in new edutainment ideas constantly.

This is why today, we have so many brands that offer:

  • innovative teaching tools
  • student-teacher software
  • interactive learning toys
  • lessons powered by virtual reality

Let’s take a look at how brands are creating engaging learning experiences.

Super Sema: Storytelling

The power of storytelling is extremely important in edutainment, and that is exactly what Kukua, Nairobi- and London-based educational entertainment company recognized. That is why they’ve created Super Sema.

Super Sema is an African animated superhero who is saving her society through STEM, arts, creativity, and curiosity.  Children can enjoy cartoons, games, toys, and adventures of Super Sema in many shapes and forms.

This is a great example of how edutainment is creating educational role models for children to learn from and enjoy interacting with.

Smart Screen Time

Today’s kids are growing up with mobile phones and smart devices. Too much screen time is never a good idea, but the reality is we cannot stop them from interacting with these devices. What we can do is create opportunities for smart screen time.

A French app named Corneille is a great example of how one edutainment app can combine the following brilliant aspect of learning:

  • smart screen time
  • personalized learning journey
  • gamified learning

Children learn how to read French and master their skills one activity at a time. They improve their reading, writing, and grammar skills all at once. If you need help with similar skills, check reviews of writing services at Choose a company that can assist you with writing and editing projects.

This example shows that the inevitable screen time for kids can be turned into something equally interesting but way more enriching and useful for their future.

Practical Knowledge

The dream of every teacher is to be able to truly reach their students and help them understand the lesson and material they’re teaching. Today, with VR (virtual reality) edutainment tools, it’s possible to have all kinds of practical exercises and demonstrations without leaving the classroom.

Tools such as Unimersiv, Nearpod, and Google Expeditions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to applications and software offering near-futuristic learning and teaching approach.

These applications offer students the chance to take virtual tours, and field trips, travel to space, go back in time, and witness historical moments. For higher education, such tools allow students to perform surgeries, practice interaction with clients, or test their skills before commencing any new project.

There are edutainment apps in different languages. You can find top rated translation services in 2023 in case you still need help translating some edutainment materials for your class or study session.

Final Thoughts

With examples such as these listed above, it’s safe to say that the future of edutainment is bright. Startups and powerful companies are investing their efforts to make a better education environment for students around the globe. By doing so, they’re reshaping education as we know it today.

If you’re a student or an educator today, we hope we’ve opened some new doors for you and encouraged you to consider different types of edutainment tools and methods. Naturally, some of these tools are pricy and not yet available to all schools, but we’re slowly getting there.

Spread the word about the future of edutainment and hop on board as soon as possible. 

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