The Startup Club Presents The Green Tech Forum

In Partnership with Starlight Capital and Company Capital, The Startup Club Presents The Green Tech Forum

From alternative energy sources to new sustainable materials, Green Technologies are expanding its reach. Over $3 trillion has been invested in new energy sources such as solar and wind since 2004, and the sector is growing continuously. In addition, energy conservation, recycling, manufacturing methods to reduce waste are among numerous technologies being developed in the sector.

Seeking to capture innovations in the industry, The Startup Club, in partnership with Starlight Capital and CompanyCapital, present a select number of Green Tech companies ready to expand current Climate Impact business to international markets. In addition, the Green Tech Investment Forum, a quarterly initiative with the next edition taking place on February 10, aims to connect innovative Green Tech players to funding, development and growth opportunities.

The forum takes place online, enabling international players to connect and interact. Private investors and serial entrepreneurs, Business Angel groups, Private Equity and Venture Capital funds, Family Offices and numerous environmental professionals are coming together to discuss green tech innovation and judge a lineup of presenting companies.

Clean Tech, Prop Tech, Waste Management and other Green Tech ventures will present their projects to the international Green Tech and startup community. These are companies looking for a new round of investment or seeking to grow in new markets—including manufacturing outsourcing opportunities—that will connect and network with the right players in the industry. All presenting companies will have a proven technology that will help reduce CO2 emissions, as do each company target one or more of the UNs 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

If you wish to present your company to an international group of investors, or if you are interested in discovering the Green Tech innovations, learn more and register on The Startup Club website.