The Top Sustainability Startups in the UK

Sustainability startups that prioritise social responsibility and environmental protection are critical to the long-term prosperity of the UK economy. One of the most apparent and pressing issues in 2022 is climate change, which is important to sustainability. Kantar Research indicated that four in ten Brits think climate change should be given more attention following the COVID-19 epidemic.

Eco-friendly, “energy-efficient,” and “recyclable” are all buzzwords that are commonly used to describe a wide range of goods and services these days. Studies also suggest that consumers are becoming more concerned about climate change and are prepared to spend up to 25% extra for environmentally friendly products and services.

These “tech for good” startups focused on sustainability are inventing a wide range of new solutions to environmental concerns, even if you’ve already taken measures to go green, like vegan diets, abandoning the plastic straws, or using Zoom instead of flying to meet with customers.

These are some of the sustainability startups in UK, all of which are exhibiting strong signs of growth and cover the renewable energy, sustainable materials, and healthcare sectors. Continue reading to see what the future holds for environmentally friendly technologies.


Top Sustainability Startups in the UK - Emitwise

Emitwise is among the sustainability tech startups. It was created to assist companies in addressing their current and future environmental concerns. Businesses can utilise artificial intelligence to automate carbon accounting across all suppliers and units. With the help of Emitwise, organisations and their suppliers can set up an automated workflow and monitor their carbon footprints. They may monitor, report, and take steps to lessen their carbon footprint with the help of Emitwise.

Bio Bean

Bio Bean is a device designed to recover the oil found in used coffee grounds for later use. People in the United Kingdom drink hundreds of cups of coffee each day, which produces thousands of pounds of coffee grounds each year. These coffee grounds can emit dangerous pollutants into the atmosphere. The coffee grounds are transformed into valuables by Bio Bean, which saves the environment and creates sustainable alternatives to synthetic products. Additionally, Bio Bean has introduced coffee logs to the UK, which promotes the use of renewable wood fuel.

Worn Again Technologies

Top Sustainability Startups in the UK - Worn Again Technologies

Waste plastics and textiles is another one in startups focusing on sustainability. Clothing can be turned into raw materials by Worn Again Technologies, which was founded in 2015. Textile overproduction and waste must be eliminated, and resources must be regularly recirculated, as part of its mission. As a result, the fashion sector is able to recover raw materials from non-recyclable materials, which is a huge win. Advanced recycling technology is used to separate, clean, and remove polyester and cellulose from old textiles that have been re-purposed.


There’s a new Direct Debit Travel Card in town from Currensea, based in London. It is one of the sustainability startups in London. It connects to your existing bank account. Using a debit card from the company eliminates the need for prepaid cards or foreign currency accounts, making it more convenient to use. Currensea has just joined with Plastic Bank so that users can utilise their Currensea savings to help clean up the oceans.

Customers will be able to remove plastic from the ocean every time they spend money abroad thanks to a new function added to the app. This announcement comes ahead of the company’s announcement that it will eliminate 2.5 times more plastic from the oceans than it produces each year.


Treepoints is a membership service that makes it easy for businesses and people to take action on climate change. To address climate change, it helps them understand and regulate their carbon emissions. As a result of your subscription, you’ll be helping to reduce harmful pollutants and remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Additional incentives for businesses to do good for the world and double the impact of new members are being offered by Treepoints in honour of Earth Day 2021.

Clim8 Invest

London-based sustainable investment platform Clim8 Invest enables customers invest in firms that are committed to solving the global climate catastrophe. On its objective is to transfer billions of pounds into renewable energy and really green, long-term sustainable businesses.

Funding for the firm was recently secured through the Crowcube crowdsourcing platform, which brought in £2.4 million. Venture capitalists from 7percent Ventures, Basil Capital, Evergreen Fund, EcoSummit Ventures, and a number of former McKinsey partners were among the investors. Through the Crowdcube platform, over 1900 regular investors, as well as cleantech and technology specialists, engaged.

By investing in this project, the corporation is empowering people to have a beneficial impact on the environment while also making money for their futures.


It’s a London-based electric bike-sharing programme called HumanForest. The company’s goal is to improve the quality of air in urban areas. In order to conserve the environment, it encourages people to make environmentally friendly decisions. Using the funds raised through the crowdsourcing effort, the company expects to facilitate up to 7,000 trips every day, saving London’s air of roughly 4 tonnes of CO2. HumanForest raised more than $1.25 million in a crowdfunding effort in December to buy 1,500 electric bikes and extend into 15 London boroughs by Summer 2021.


Top Sustainability Startups in the UK - Xampla

University of Cambridge spin-out Xampla produces plant protein materials for commercial use, and it is the world’s leading producer of natural alternatives to plastics. Like synthetic polymers, it decomposes completely and organically without causing any harm to the environment. Their goal is to eliminate single-use plastics like sachets and flexible packaging films, as well as microplastics in liquids and lotions that are more difficult to perceive.

Horizon Ventures, a private investment arm of Mr. Li Ka-shring, and Amadeus Capital Partners joined forces in January of this year to provide £6.2 million in seed capital to the next-generation plastic replacement company. Xampla intends to use the money to speed up the launch of its plant-protein plastic substitute.


When it comes to environmental concerns, these “tech for good” firms have an abundance of innovative solutions to offer, even if you’ve already made steps to be green, like cutting out throwaway straws or seeing clients through Zoom rather than flying.

Some of the UK’s most promising entrepreneurs in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable materials, and sustainable healthcare may be found here. See what the future holds for ecologically friendly technologies by continuing to read this article.

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